The Year 2011 is Already Drawing to an End!!!!

It seems like only yesterday when we ushered in the new year and now, it's coming to a close, which is, unbelievable! Time certainly travels on swift wings; the clock goes tick-tock, urging us to grab every second it churns up.

This year didn't actually shape up the way I wanted it to be. Many dissapointness and unfillment came and left and I'm counting on those which left. I hate to be pessimistic simply because it dampens my drive to work on something, anything at all. The outcome of my endeavours is always second; the important thing is the knowledge of the instant and personal gratification that I gave whatever I was up against with all I've got.

I was hurt this year, very much so, but with hurt comes heal and I learned another life lesson that if something bad happens, it doesn't have to last. Perspective change provided me with a lot of intrinsic insight. I came to know that pain is necessary to recognize comfort and that it's okay to cry and vent out all the negativities. Freudianslip is indeed self consuming, feeding on confidence and esteem. Wallowing is even worse because I found it pulling me backwards and no one should live life in reverse. I bet no one wants to be Benjamin or Betty Button!!

2011 kept me occupied with the development of new feelings and I basked in them, with all the bliss in the world. I also became imbued with self-discovery. I was able to distinguish my strengths and  weaknesses and work on my flaws, striving to be a better person today than I was yesterday. It was somewhat exciting and liberating and I found my place in the world although others claim that my race and distinctions as well as dissimilitudes make me inferior and undeserving. The way I see it, I belong to this country, and I'm a rightful citizen and I'd die fighting for my country. If I don't give a damn, who will?

Intellectually, I have been reading and writing voraciously, both formal and informal. Books are my best friends since I learned to read and so far, the passion of mine has tripled. I tried a new genre of history and The French Revolution and the Medici Family and Marie Antoinette take the crown as far as I am concerned. Napoleon... naah.. too common.

Spiritually, my agnostic nuances began leading to atheism. And, now I'm a self-proclaimed secular humanist/atheist. I don't buy God's existence one bit. I am a steadfast believer in ancient paranormal entities and I'm certain that theists have been worshipping aliens all along and somewhere along the way, branching took place, the birth of numerous sects and denominations, splitting holier than thou faction of mankind and commiting massacres on innocent people arbitrarily to satisfy God. That is what theologies do best, get men kill each other in the name of upholding religion. Atheists don't go around blowing up people. Theists do it and they claim that God is love! Who you're kidding??!!

In all, 2011 enriched my life, chapter by augmenting chapter. I hope I talked less and listened more. I hope I brought a smile to someone's face. I hope I was a good friend to someone who was going through a bad patch. I hope I made someone's day. I hope that I paid forward the good deeds I that received for others in need. I hope I have been a wholesome person. I hope that I made someone wiser. I hope my loved ones know how much I love them and that I can't imagine my life without them.

All said and done for 2011, I hope 2012 would turn out to be itself simply because that is the only thing that is bound to happen! Oooh, before I forget, come utopia or doomsday in 2012, I'll face it with positive atittude! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people!!!

Our Children. Our Future.

oleh Hema Krishnan pada pada 8hb Julai 2011 pukul 12.43 ptg

And is a continual of something positive and it understandably feels good to hear. But is a continual of something negative and understadably feels bad to hear and when it comes to our children, feeling good is the way to go. When kids feel good about themselves and what they are doing, they do more of it, building their self confidence, their judgements of whatever they may come across and their harmonious connection with others. When everything they say, think or do is lowly qualified in some way or other, their joy sours n their anger soars.

This is not to say that children don't need and won't respond to their parents' expectations. They do and will, regardless of whether those expectations are good or bad. When those expectations are constantly and consistently bright and positive and are taught, modelled and expressed, amazing things happen. "I see you made a mistake and i know that you are intelligent enough to figure out what you did wrong and make a better decision next time." Or, "You have been spending hours on that project and I'd love to have you explain it to me." Or, "We work hard for our money and I know you can help make out a way to pay for what you want."

It is not enough just to say we love our children. We live in a time where frustration has grown ferocious and in line with the flux, we can no longer afford to limit love's expression. If we want to tone down the sound of violence in our spawning society, we're going to turn up the volume on noticing, giving laud, guiding and participating in what is righteous and correct with our children.

There is a tribe indigenous to Solomon Island and this specific clan don't chop trees with axes; they simply group around a tree they want to reduce to timber and swear at it in unison. The targeted tree, no matter how robust, would wither and die within two days. Imagine what calling a child with degrading names would bring about to the life that the kid has ahead. Denouncing our children would only kill their their spirits and self-sustained inner pysche and it would scar them for life although there are reversible factors called the resiliency and well-adjustness of kids, given their plasticity. But no two child is the same n the game of hereditary plays a major role here. Some kids are born hypersensitive, easy mark, introverted and contained not to mention other hurdles that require them to cross oceans of confusion and scale mountains of trepidation to realize their worth. Kids belonging to this category shouldn't be singled out; instead, they need to be identified out and as nurturing guardians, adults must play by the cards that are suitable to their needs of dissimilarites and this involves a high degree of action caution and discretion as well as verbal censorship.

As for parents, don't bring work stress home. Leave it at the doorstep just as you slip out from your footwear and pick it up the next time you leave for work. As for the uncomplacency at home or your spouse, don't take out pent up anger on your kids. Temper and ascerbity needs heaps of controlling and only then you can take your children into control. Castigating kids at will is regrettable; you will be chock-a-block with remorse at upcoming times. Don't let our future legacy make a heart-sinking, painful journey through all round avoidable disdain, morbidity n humiliation.

Kids nowadays have much more brilliance, advancement and natural programming, owing to vast mass media access and due exposure. Parenthood is a test of character and in this era, even more so. There is no single, perfect formulation concerning child upbringing but physical and ill-spoken punnitive methods are definitely verified as no nos. Enjoy life's simple pleasures with your brood and teach them to find good things in bad things and the value of virtues. Children mirror their raisers so set a praiseworthy example; it doesn't have to be a paragon. Encourage children to explore their creativity and don't be stingy at forwarding words of laud to their teensiest accomplishments and you'll witness miracles unfold from them. You'll be awed

The Plight of the Disabled in Malaysia

 The physically and mentally challenged are the most neglected and ignored units of society in Malaysia. Take a look around this nation I proudly call my own and one would be able to relate to this unfortunate, sad yet alterable by the will state of affairs to help and facilitate such beautiful, uncomplaining, placid not to mention long suffering people to lead lives of better, clement, workable quality. More often than not, they don't have a voice to set forth their hanker for a decent, independent living. It is indeed punctuated that the Malaysian government is being a minimalist when it comes to the dilemma of the disabled, preferring to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

The 2012 budget holds not even measly allocations and prominence for the disabled to enjoy. At a time when prices of  household goods reaching the stratosphere, how RM 300 monthly worth of money would make ends meet? The most frugal people would find it hard to cope with that pathetically dissipating amount.

Facilities structured specifically for the disabled is nearly non-existent in public places and city centers. The omission is prevalent and profound such want is due to insensitivity and apathy for the special needs of those who are physically challenged, thus creating a barrier for the disabled to move along and stand shoulder to shoulder with able bodied society.

Actually, infrastructures amendments for the disabled is cost effective and very much affordable; instead of staircases at shoplots, ramps of low gradient would be convenient for wheelchair users since flat surfaces facilitate movements. Elevators must exist alongside staircases and escalators in service and job providing buildings; it is not too much to ask.

Public toilets with elbow room and wider entrances are still a rare facility in Malaysia, where the wheelchair could fit in and still have ample space for comfortable movement. Lavatories at hospitals and R&R are excluded; they are prime examples of how loos for the non-ambulatorial should manifest and function. This needliness is best addressed immediately because it is a pressing concern and the disabled could build their confidence that they can go out in relief and hassle free.

As citizens of Malaysia, the disabled deserve the best the country has to offer and I believe that this unit of society can actively contribute to the GDP in an augmenting fashion. All that is needed is the input of fiscal allocation, an effective, active quota system, education and job opportunities, initiation, compassionate effort and extensive awareness to build a caring society so that such underprivileged, disadvantageous, almost always at the losing end people lead, productive, purposeful lives and possess a reason to smile. :-)