Of spirituality and self discovery

I am an agnostic atheist and many people don't accept my free thinking characteristic. I was born into a Hindu family but we weren't very religious. We had a praying altar and we'd pray twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, observe vegetarianism on Fridays and celebrate Hindu festivals with Diwali being the most grandly celebrated festival.

My Dad was not at all religious in his heyday; he wouldn't even clasp his hands in prayer let alone enter the prayers room and going to temples.

As old age caught up with my Dad, he began to explore his spirituality and religiously read the Bhagavad Gita, Vedas and Puranas. He also spent ample time praying. All I could see in my Dad was not a devout Hindu but a hypocrite.

In his prime, my Dad used to denounce religions arrogantly; he didn't give two fucks for espousing religion and did a cartwheel once he retired. As far as I am concerned my Dad was buying his way to heaven out of fear should be he be deemed an infidel and spend eternity rotting in hell or take up multiple rebirths. (He had, since, passed on.) I'd say he was afraid of his own shadow; he was fearing the unknown and an entity that is yet to be proved to exist. GOD. This was the first blow that dented my spirituality.

The second blow was when I started reading the Gita and Purans in my preteen age. While I love and wholly accept the science in Vedas, I don't tolerate the shit in Purans and the caste system. When I read about Draupadi having 5 husbands in Mahabharata, my mind voice went, "WTF???" I just couldn't digest it to this day as well as kings having many wives.

To atone the anomaly of such union in marriage, Draupadi is given a kanya status which is an elevated status of her retaining her virginity each morning after shower and remain a virgin all her life. The same applies to four other kanyas, Kunti, Draupadi's mother-in law, Mandodari who is Raavan's wife and two more unpopular ones, Ahalya and Tara. All 5 of them are known as Panchakanyas (Panch = 5, Kanyas = Virgins) and the chanting of their names is claimed to dispel corporeal sins.

Purans have tortuous plots and numerous versions as well as sub stories. Honestly, I am yet to peruse all of em Purans but I like to read with a nonjudgemental mind first, then dissect and judge by the measure of morality and generally proposed virtues which almost always contradicts with wrath over the tiniest of mistakes and the ensuing curses, prurience and violent tendencies. Ahimsa and acceptance and forgiveness are almost non existent in these protracted, multiple exegesis.

The third blow hit me when I was 14. I was deeply traumatised when I saw 3 of my eldest sisters got into trance of Hindu guarding Gods, namely Kaliamma and Muniswarar. I believe that those of you who are reading this, provided that you are a Hindu, these Gods are no strangers for you; temple shrines dedicated to these gods populate house verandahs, under the trees, beside drains and any empty ground at residential areas where Indians make up the majority of dwellers.

The scenes my sisters staged were anything but pure, holy and divine; they were ghastly, grotesque and utterly gruesome. They drank bottles of Guiness Stout, smoked cigars, chewed neem leaves and smeared vibuthi (Hindu holy ash normally streaked on the forehead of a Hindu devout denoting piousness.) vermillion powder, sandalwood and turmeric paste all over their faces and spoke in unearthly, distorted voices. In hindsight, it is hilariously mind boggling, my sisters' ostentatious act ups.

My eldest sister swigged a bottle of Guiness Stout down and nibbled on some neem leaves and began bestowing her blessings on us.

I was rather fearing than believing and I now know the modus operandi of my sisters getting into bouts of godly trances. I also know now that blind faith makes the brain go on a roller coaster of imaginations.

First of all, you convince yourself that there is a Supreme Being is omnipresent (exists everywhere) omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing) and that He is unquestionable. Then, you succumb to dichotomy and branching and give human and bestial forms to God and He is now multiple, contained in diversity and in Hinduism, some 333 million gods are said to be existent. Now, your mind is such convinced that you can 'download' the gods into you at any time of your fancy and you can send god back from where he came from (who knows where) when your propagating, boon bestowing, problem solving, evil withholding and fear mongering endeavours are done. Then, it would be time for the god to malai yereran. (climb the mountain) It is a slang for telling that god is now leaving the earthly being, bringing an end to the mortal and immortal mediating session until god decides to 'haunt' his devotee again. Strangely, no one gets into trance while working, eating and shitting. It is only at an earthly pre-determined time where gods would inhabit and then leave the body. God has no say here; human dictates, god obeys. Yennanggeda ithu? (What the heck is this?)

It is actually the work of brain in a dimension called belief. The person believes that god inhabits him or her and believes that every word they utter to the masses comes from god. The mind becomes imbibed with supernaturality mumbo jumbo until one can condition oneself both physically and mentally to attain masochism. This rings true during Thaipusam where men pierce themselves and dance around deliriously. Even David Blaine does that but it has no connection whatsoever to religion. Having tatoos being done also falls in this category. We will ooh and aah at people like David Blaine but when religion becomes a subject for debate, it would hit lots of raw nerves and allegations of being infidels will be thrown at those who question the preset sacrosanct pillars. Believing and truth are two different things and when it comes to god, the line is always blurred between the both.

My second sister is a very argumentative, obnoxious woman and she is not at good and talking terms with our extended family. Joining our eldest sister's act up, she swayed in trance, sporting and shaking bunches of neem leaves as pom poms like a cheerleader and called up our Grandma on the phone (God is tech savvy and I bet he is having iPhone 5 with Him) and told the aged lady that Kalliamma is on her right now and unless one of our uncle with whom she is having a vendetta prostrates at her feet and apologize, he will vomit blood and die.

The uncle of mine who is not religous is still alive and well until today; the fate my second sister cursed him with didn't even ruffle his hair. See how god is used to fulfil human agendas and vested interests? That is why we have so many religious denominations and sects. It is all contained in selfishness.

Now, my second sister is the one who is having life hard. Her 2 kindergartens are running in the red, her husband is an alcoholic and looks like a vagrant and is having a skin disease and her only daughter always falls ill. This sister of mine suffers from habitual cursing and denunciation. She even calls our father bloody bastard. Now I believe you readers are aware of the magnitude of my sister's odium and indecency. Law of attraction. You get what you give boomerang style and if the boomerang doesn't reach you, it will reach your posterity.

My 3rd sister granted me a boon that I'll get 5 As in PMR. I was hesitantly like, "Oh, okay Akka" and my heart literally jumped out of my ribcage when my sister in trance bellowed,"I am not your sister! I am Kaliamma!!" I just stood there like a lamp post, mouth, hung open.

I defied the vaaku (word) of Kaliama by scoring straight As in PMR and upon hearing the news, my 3rd sister enthused that Kaliamma had shown her amazing grace by granting me extra 2 As. I was wondering how on earth my sister had know what she had said when Kaliamma was professedly inhabiting her body. See, I had observed that as soon as the gods leave the body of my sisters, they'd get stuporous and feebly disclose that they do not know what they said while in trance but voila, there was my third sister, remembering what she said when she was supposedly to be under the influence of Kaliama. Contradicting no? If I had blind faith, this point would absolutely elude me but mine is a critical mind. I weigh things mathematically, scientifically and bloody logically.

At that time, I almost called all of the so-called otherworldy, ethereal and celestial stunts as dubakoor. (a big fat lie) But, of course, I didn't have the balls to do it because of the attachment I have to my family and the fear of being labelled as 'The Family Misfit. I was trying to fit in; I was too young and I was confused about my spirituality or the lack of it.When my peers were busy with their crushes and puppy love, my mind was abuzz with agnostic thoughts and there was a fear in me. The fear of sinning by having such generally unacceptable and blasphemous thoughts. A fear no human being should be subjected to.

Now, my family is having a newfound faith. They worship a Guru from India and He is touted to be God on Earth by my family and the members of this bordering cult religious group, making me wonder whether He is the Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar that is said will come to destroy the world, (note Nostradamus, Mayan calendar and 2012) so that we can get back to square one by exhumation.

This Guru's worship centers around meditation and the chanting of mantras glorifying the Guru.The group meets once every two weeks where they meditate together, organize activities and share personal experiences pertinent to the miracle maker contained within the Guru in the form of speech.

I attended several of the meetings and the first thing I was told to do is have unwavering faith in the Guru. It is the same with all religons, have faith and don't question. Not wanting to be defiant, I went with the flow. I knew after all that my connection to this Guru is contained in brevity.

Now, my immediate family renounced worshipping Hindu deities and now worship the Guru in the form of meditation and chanting mantras associated with the Guru who appears to be a tattered, haggard old man living in a rural area in South India.

Three of my aforementioned sisters and my brother found a new lease of spirituality in this new branch of religious thingy, their getting into trance days long gone and forgotten and since has become a subject of broach. They speak of seeing visions and geckos making noise during meditation and whatnot. I don't really buy their outlandish stories. They only come across as puerille and conjured up by an hyperactive brain.

If the Guru is that powerful, why don't he use his powers to liberate the world from suffering? Ok, let's shrink the issue; why don't He eradicate India from all of her crippling troubles? So many questions I have to ask..

See, I didn't become an agnostic atheist in one day; it was a gradual journey of many years of questioning, comparing, thinking, listening, reading, doubting and soul searching. I still need to know more and I will continue to explore my spirituality until I discover myself.

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Is this love?

Falling in love is all beautiful, pure and ethereal and for some of our secondary school and college going girls and yuppies, their notion on love is narrowed as such.

While some girls couple up to empty his pocket or just for time pass, there are many girls banking on true and everlasting love and it is at this point where they lose the ability to use their damn brains.

I'm not saying that girls should stay away from love and only settle for arranged marriage. It is 2012, not 1912. I am only highlighting for girls to be wary and not be blinded by love to the extent of sending nude photos of themselves to their boyfriends and later sit and cry when the photos get misused by those kind of jerks who cannot control their dicks and don't deserve to live.

I know that this is an old issue; I have heard many horror stories. But, I am prompted to write this because a friend of mine was stupid enough to MMS herself nude to her boyfriend whom she has been dating only for about 6 months. This girl is very beautiful. I have never seen the guy but I am sure he looks like a kambi karat. (rusty iron wire)

He had been compelling her to send nude pictures of herself just into 6 months of the relationship. At first, she was aghast and vehemently refused to pander and then the scumbag uttered the ultimate dialogue a girl in love would definitely succumb to, "Nee yenneh unmaiya kaadhalikireh na, naan sonnathe sei. Unakku yen mele nambikei ille yah? Ivlo than ah nee en mele vecchi irukere piriyam? Ithe kude nee ennakaaga seiya maatiya? Manasale, nee than di en pondati. Naan ennikum unne kai vidamaten, promise di." (If you love me truly, do as I say. Don't you trust me?  You only love me this much? Won't you even do this for me? In my heart, I have fixed you as my wife dear. I promise I'll never leave you dear.) Classic case of menanam tebu di bibir and emotional coax bordering blackmail all done in the name of everlasting love.

Yes, my friend now has something everlasting but it is not love; it is fear, mental anguish and humiliation because the next thing that happened after she sent the man she loved her full glory, he just disappeared. He could not be contacted and she never heard from him again. Heavens know what he did to her photos and the girl is fearing the worst. While the guy is a 3rd rate criminal, this girl is an educated fool. I pass the buck to the girl. What she did for professing true love is plain stupidity and to think she has known him for 6 months and the amount of trust and love she had for him to pose nude  are far from lucid.

Take Amanda Todd's case for example. She trusted a stranger on Facebook who cajoled her to send him her topless photo and later he circulated it all over the Internet. The poor girl was also subjected to vitriolic bullying and harassment both in real life and on social networks until she ended her own life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_of_Amanda_Todd

A guy who loves a girl sincerely and for all intents and purposes wants to make her his better half would never ask for her nude profile or sex at anytime of their period of dating. Girls must understand that first. Don't be so vulnerable and impressionable. Use your brain. THINK!! Learn to tell the difference between love and lust and a gentleman and a sex maniac. No point crying after you got screwed. What you lost will never come back.

Worse cases are where guys talk their girlfriends into sending their nude profiles to them only to threaten them for sexual favours in return for them not releasing their nudity on Internet porn sites. Many girls are suffering in silence. I say they deserve it for being anything but wise. On a sympathetical note inasmuch as what has been done cannot be undone these kinds of cases can be easily solved by the interference of law and order.

But, girls, please know and understand and stay away from such sick predators who are only interested of getting you laid down and then leave you in a lurch. Prevention is better than cure. Those sick bastards don't deserve to live what more love. The next minute your boyfriend asks you for your nude pictures take it as a Danger sign and activate your 'On full alert mode'. And if he coerces you, dump the bugger because he is only in love with your physique, not your character and convictions. Believe me, he is not worth it.

There are good guys out there who are cultured and upright so girls do an assessment to the guys who approach you. Besides looking out for the life sustaining 5 Cs, include another C for Character. Be choosy because it is your life which is up for stake. Love a guy who is deserving of your love. Nalla pasanggala paathu love panni, kalyanam panni allava petthukittu santhosham ah irungge pa. Ithu than yennode message-u. Lucha pasangge kitte maatikittu avasthei padathingge Nandri, vanakkam. (Select good guys, get hitched then get married and have just the right number of children and live happily. Don't get entrapted with good for nothing guys and suffer. This is my message. Thank you and greetings.)

Ads and repeated music on one Tamil radio station

I listen to a local Tamil radio station quite a bit. It is known as THR Raaga and I am absolutely sickened by the advertisements aired in this radio and their repeated songs playlist.

Now, for the advertisements; two advertisements about sarees sold at one famous Indian textile shop and its offshoots really evokes the T-rex in me; I'm not kidding here.

First up, a guy comes to the ceremonious ritual of seeing a potential bride. The girl's mother would go, "Maapilai vere yaaro pere soldrare." (Groom is saying someone else's name.) Another lady, presumably younger, would answer the lady, "Ponnu kattirukke saree Gayathri Pattu Maaligai le eduththuthu ille? Athele mayanggi Gayathri, Gayathri nu soldraru." (The saree the girl is wearing is from Gayathri Textiles isn't it? So, enamoured by the saree, he is saying Gayathri, Gayathri.) The older lady, in a disappointed tone would ask, "Appo maapilaieh mayakunuthu ponnu illeya? (Then the groom is not enarmoured by the bride?) And, the younger lady would say, "Ille, ponnu kattirikke Gayathri pattu silei." (No, the saree from Gayathri textile shop.) Next, the guy would gush, "Epdiyo, kalyanam eh venam nu sonne enneku Gayathri pattu silei eduthu katti mayakitingee." (However, I was saying I don't want marriage but by the saree the girl is wearing which is from Gayathri textile shop, you folks enchanted me.) WTF? The girl only has credit for the ensemble she is sporting? That is her only value? Don't her character, qualifications, accomplisments, capability, capacity and potential matter? The ad simply demeans women.

Another ad is also the promoting of Gayathri textille shop. This one is even sillier. A maiden stormily says, "Ennukku inthe kalyanam pudikileh!!" (I dislike this marriage!!) Another girl would whisper, "Avalukku inthe kalyanathile ishtam ille.." (She is not interested in this marriage.) Then her mother would say, "Atho varale, pattu pudavaile en ponnu evlo azhaga irukka.." (Here she comes, my daughter is so beautiful in silk saree.) The younger girl goes, "Hey, pudikileh nu sonneh.." (Hey, you said you dislike it..) Then, the bride to be gushes, "Ama, aana inthe pattu pudavaiyeh paarthathum en manasu maariduchu. Inthe silei yum pudichirukku, Gayathri pattu maaligai yil sile eduthe avarayum pudichirukku." (Yes, but I changed my mind after seeing this silk saree. I like this saree and also him who bought this saree from Gayathri textile shop.) The younger girl quips, "Unnode manam maatram ku kaaranam inthe pattu silei thane?" (This saree changed your mind isn't it?) The bride retorts, "Gayathri pattu podeve nu sollu! Nichiarthartham eh vendam, straight ah thali eh kattu nu sollu.." (Say that it is a saree from Gayathri textile shop! No need for engagemant, tell him to marry me right away..) This ad stereotypes women to be bimbos and airheads. Never will you see this kind of stupidity elsewhere. A girl agreeing for marriage just because she likes the saree a potential suitor presents her. I just can't digest this! DAFUQ!!

There was another advertisement for Sea Gold tea but it is no longer aired thankfully. That advertisement bags the award for 'The Dumbest Advertisement of the Century'. It was so stupid and I used to lose my cool each time I heard it; it was such an ear sore. And another one is for Fruity Mango Juice. Equally dumb or dumber.

Almost all ads on THR Raaga are either borderline dumb or borderline revulsion. So, why do I listen to it? I like the way the disc jockeys' way of conducting the allocated programmes but I stop at listening. I don't give a ring to the people behind the voice. A waste of time and prepaid credit balance as far as I am convinced

You might say that there is an alternative in the form of  Minnal FM but it never failed to make me fall asleep with the DJs' torpid way of presenting, not to mention it being a tool for governmental proganda. I am already a serious, no nonsense person so I need something light and breezy to perk me up and the Tamil version of Gotcha aired on THR makes me start my day with a bounce in my step.

Another thing about this radio station that irks me big time are the playlists; they repeat the same songs day after day. As Indian movies from India have song sequences in them rather than having indie singles and albums and this radio station only plays one or two songs from numbered selected movies mostly from 90s to 80s which is really constricting variety and shows the apathy for gems of song compositions.

When I wrote about it on the radio station's Facebook page, my posts were deleted and I can no longer like or comment on the page. So much for constructive criticism.

I am not saying that advertisements on the radio should be cut down; it pays them to broadcast. I am only advocating for it to cut down on utter stupidity and scandalous wrong prioritisation of the ads. I am also suggesting good quality as per quantity be incorporated into such ads and cheapening dialogues averted. Be socially responsible and don't demean human values because it is well nigh nauseating.

As for the repeated songs, include variety or risk losing listeners. Yet there are listeners who mollycoddle THR Raaga either by calling up and grovel and ooh aah or write laud on its Facebook page. Eeeh, buat aku geram aje!

English radio stations like Mix FM and Hitz FM also repeat playlists to the point of cloying. So, I mix match my aural need for music. What to do?

Girls and their Facebook profile pictures

I am an active user of Facebook and lately I am coming across many girls showing cleavage and big boobs and having people subscribe to their public posts in Facebook.

When I am too free, I do some vetti (idle) espionage work and go check such girls' profiles up and always find nothing close to intellectual and useful. Another characteristic of such profiles are very few pictures and the girls could use some extra cloth to cover up and they are not the same girl in the profile picture. A mix and match of some sort will be there, leaving question marks popping all over my brain.

As one would expect, the comments by guys on such photos are prurient and lecherous. The thing that amazes and embarrasses me is, how shameless these girls can get? Don't they have 'masala' in their 'mandais? (Masala is a Tamil slang for brain and mandai means head.) I don't know whether it is vayasu kolaru (the confusion of age) or aarva kolaru (enthusiasm) that make girls behave as such.

See, I'm not a Puritan but neither am I permissive. The thing that gets me is why girls can be so cheap and show their nudity to all and sundry. I can understand if porn stars or models or actresses bare some skin; it is one of their profession requirement and they get paid for it. These girls, on the other hand, only come across as bitches and sluts.

The reason behind this recent phenomenon is perhaps fuelled by the need to get attention so they strip themselves down, trying to copy Shreya and Malika Sherawat. Is baring body is the only way to get attention and instant recognition? These girls seem to be idealess and brainless.

There is a difference from being sexy and obscene and girls must know the difference. Confidence is sexy, showing your magnified cleavage in Facebook profile pictures is obscene. Even actresses dress decently for their profile pictures, ithungge pandrethu than rombe over. (What these girls are doing is over the top.)

Before you girls call me pro Taliban let me make one matter clear. I am not asking you to cover up from head to toe. All I am saying is dress appropriately and show your freaking face in Facebook, not your bosom. Before a rapist says that you got his dick up and he screwed you because of you wearing skimpy clothes, be discreet and sparing. Enough said.

Diwali rants

Diwali is approaching and for some Hindu Indians, it is time to compare and show off on who is celebrating Diwali in the most grandiose manner.

When I was growing up in Teluk Intan, in an Indian ghetto known Kanpung Sungai Timah, I bore witness to the scenes where Indians try to out-celebrate Diwali from each other. For me, as a kid, it was a sight to behold!

A month before Diwali, a Tamil musical fest will be launched by my neighbours. I remember not being able to concentrate on homework and reading because of the defeaning noise blaring from their amplified speakers. When requested to lower the volume, they'd justify their action by saying, Ipdi paatu pota than Diwali mood varum." (It is only this way of hearing songs loudly would usher Diwali mood in.) and my Dad would get red in the face.

Concurrenty, fire crackers (haram ones of course) would be launched in unearthly hours, disturbing sound sleep. Our dog would bark loudly each time Cina pattasu (Chinese fire works) got going only to add vibes to the already unbearable cacophony. I don't blame our dog; I blame my neighbours for being so inconsiderate and apathetical about disrupting the peace of others.

In the morning, our lawn (it was a village and there were no divisive gates) would be covered with red papers from the fire crackers and my Mum would grudgingly sweep the vestiges out from our turf. My Dad would say a police report would put a stop to our neighbours literally illegal activities and my Mum would retort that we should not get into trouble with our neighbours.

2 weeks before Diwali, neighbourhood aunties would go on a visiting spree; they'd go to each other's house to check out Diwali embellishments and preparations. They'd ask how many varieties of cookies were made, how many new clothes purchased, check curtains, bed spreads and dining table cover and whatnot. Later, at their own homes, the aunties would either emulate decos or try to out-decorate other houses. Talk about dedication. I wonder whether they had the same zeal in their children's education.

On Diwali day, cookies and other Diwali delicacies will be exchanged. The thing that struck me was, the well off ones would only share the sweets and savouries amongst those who are also well off. They won't give a crumb to the poor Indians who also call the village home. For me, this is despicable and simply sordid. All they wanted to do was compare who made the best delicacies of all. The real meaning of Diwali is lost here, replaced by haughtiness of which became the recipe that decided the fate of Narakasura. What is the point of celebrating Diwali anyway when the lesson behind Diwali goes unrealized?

Later in life, I moved to Ipoh and was mindfucked when I paid witness to my neighbour's 'Diwali tradition'. They borrow money to celebrate Diwali grandly! How absurd and puerille! I was like WTF when they approached my Mum to lend some money so that they can get new curtains for their windows. The couple had 5 children and they were all scrawny, clearly malnourished and there was their mother, asking for some money so that she can purchase new curtains for their residence! My Mum said sternly that she won't give a cent to the lady simply because of her weenie, good for nothing purpose. She said she'll serve food for all 5 children daily but never give a cent for the couple to have a Diwali makeover of which is wholly unnecessary and trifle. The lady was like, "Oru varusuthukku oru vaati thane ka.. Naan thirippi kuduthureven.." (It is only once in a year sister.. I will return your money.) My Mum didn't budge from her stand and since then the lady stopped talking to us.

The lady went on, carrying tales about my family to our other Indian neighbours," Anthe Telugu aallungge thavicha vaayikku thanni kude kudukemaatangge. Sariyana kanje pisnari!" (Those Telugu people won't even give some water to one who is thirsty. Such tightwads!) Our other neighbours told us about it and not wanting to stoop to their filthy level, we just maintained reticence.

I am not saying we should celebrate Diwali or any other festival in an extremely austere and minimalist manner. What I'm pinpointing is, any festival should be celebrated within the household's financial status' means and not disrupting the equilibrium of others. Where is the logic of becoming a debtor just because one wants to celebrate Diwali lavishly so that people can oohh and aahh at them? Vetti bandha thane? (Pretentious isn't it?) Celebrating Diwali in a luxurious fashion is uncalled for, given the current state of economy. Diwali treats ain't healthy either, high in fat and sugar laden. See, all these must be taken into consideration and prudence as well as discretion and moderation should be applied when preparing for Diwali and when celebrating the festival of lights.

So, folks, make sure your Diwali celebration is a sensible one. Go easy on booze and mutton curry. Party all you want but don't do it at the cost of the peace of others and do exercise to get rid of Diwali weightgain!


Religious shit as it is

I have a simple concept regarding my spirituality. God is Good with an extra 'o' and Evil is Devil with an extra 'd'.

Gods were created by the human brain. It is nothing but a figment of mankind's imagination although aliens might have gave mankind a few starters. Extra-terrestrial intervention is perhaps more explainative than the existence of Gods and demigods and theism. Notice how all religions worship towards the sky? It is most probable that aliens had visited mankind in the past and it is to that remnants that mankind interpreted as religions and the professing of a saviours, in the past and in the future to arrive on earth to destroy, then exhume mankind again. Nothing hardly happens in the present. It is all contained in the past or future and the condition to believe and have faith.

Now, leave aliens out of the picture although it is bound to be factual and focus on God and religion.

At the dawn of human colonization of the earth, mankind was overawed by natural phenomenons like rain, eclipses, thunder and lightning, the might of the oceans, how trees grow reaching up to the sky, volcanic activity and basically the flow of life and death and moral codes like gratitude and abstinence.

With that awe and wonder, humans convinced themselves that there must be some cryptic, invisble power behind all these natural phenomenons, someone or something that controls all the mind boggling activities unfurling before their very eyes.  

For example, Vikings believed that eclipses were caused by some kind of celestial power that lords over them. So, when sun eclipses unfold, they scream, chant and beg for mercy from the divine entity whom they believe is behind the ominous, terrifying event.

Sure enough, in a short while, the moon passes its course and the sun shines again.

And, the Vikings rejoiced, saying that by their 'worship' GOD has showed His amazing grace.

As the world revolved and evolved, mankind went on to form great civilizations, notably the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires. These civilizations went on to give the celestial beings they believe responsible for inception, conservation and annihilation of everything earthly names, emotions and human forms. In due course of time, these empires crumbled and other civilizations replaced them, together with new fangled theism.

Down the winding, tortuous time lane, science kicked in and a plethora of astronomers and scientists, began to explain the truth and empirical facts behind the natural phenomenons which challenged religious establishments and later, wronged them, instances which greatly humbled religions. That is why many scientists are atheists. It is simply because they can't draw a parallel between religious teachings, science and the ever developing modern world.

While that is the case for science and scientists, others can't let GOD go. Why? Entrenched indoctrination and irrational fear that should they shun God, they would experience His wrath. In this light, God can be considered as a boogeyman. 

If we are united in the name of religions, all is well. The thing is, it is not the case. Bloodthirsty, sadistic religion promises martyrdom to those who kill fellow brothers and sisters by self sacrificing. Suicide bombers and Islam is what I am pinpointing here. Don't get me wrong, I am not against Islam; I'm against all sordid aspects of religions.

All religions has bathed in human blood in order to glorify each other. In the notion of if you are not with me, you are against me is the religion extremism and the cause for much destruction. That is why we have so many sects and denominations; it is because somebody had some 'visions' and it makes them anointed, canonized religious leaders who can enslave, subjugate women, kill at will and decide who shall live and who shall not. 

And, that is why religions are the bane of humanity. Cmon, we already ventured into outer space. Did any of the cosmonauts report back to earth that they found Indraloka and Lord Indra dancing gujala  gummangguthu with the heavenly nymphs Ramba, Menaka and Urvashi? Gimme a break!