Girls and their Facebook profile pictures

I am an active user of Facebook and lately I am coming across many girls showing cleavage and big boobs and having people subscribe to their public posts in Facebook.

When I am too free, I do some vetti (idle) espionage work and go check such girls' profiles up and always find nothing close to intellectual and useful. Another characteristic of such profiles are very few pictures and the girls could use some extra cloth to cover up and they are not the same girl in the profile picture. A mix and match of some sort will be there, leaving question marks popping all over my brain.

As one would expect, the comments by guys on such photos are prurient and lecherous. The thing that amazes and embarrasses me is, how shameless these girls can get? Don't they have 'masala' in their 'mandais? (Masala is a Tamil slang for brain and mandai means head.) I don't know whether it is vayasu kolaru (the confusion of age) or aarva kolaru (enthusiasm) that make girls behave as such.

See, I'm not a Puritan but neither am I permissive. The thing that gets me is why girls can be so cheap and show their nudity to all and sundry. I can understand if porn stars or models or actresses bare some skin; it is one of their profession requirement and they get paid for it. These girls, on the other hand, only come across as bitches and sluts.

The reason behind this recent phenomenon is perhaps fuelled by the need to get attention so they strip themselves down, trying to copy Shreya and Malika Sherawat. Is baring body is the only way to get attention and instant recognition? These girls seem to be idealess and brainless.

There is a difference from being sexy and obscene and girls must know the difference. Confidence is sexy, showing your magnified cleavage in Facebook profile pictures is obscene. Even actresses dress decently for their profile pictures, ithungge pandrethu than rombe over. (What these girls are doing is over the top.)

Before you girls call me pro Taliban let me make one matter clear. I am not asking you to cover up from head to toe. All I am saying is dress appropriately and show your freaking face in Facebook, not your bosom. Before a rapist says that you got his dick up and he screwed you because of you wearing skimpy clothes, be discreet and sparing. Enough said.