Religious shit as it is

I have a simple concept regarding my spirituality. God is Good with an extra 'o' and Evil is Devil with an extra 'd'.

Gods were created by the human brain. It is nothing but a figment of mankind's imagination although aliens might have gave mankind a few starters. Extra-terrestrial intervention is perhaps more explainative than the existence of Gods and demigods and theism. Notice how all religions worship towards the sky? It is most probable that aliens had visited mankind in the past and it is to that remnants that mankind interpreted as religions and the professing of a saviours, in the past and in the future to arrive on earth to destroy, then exhume mankind again. Nothing hardly happens in the present. It is all contained in the past or future and the condition to believe and have faith.

Now, leave aliens out of the picture although it is bound to be factual and focus on God and religion.

At the dawn of human colonization of the earth, mankind was overawed by natural phenomenons like rain, eclipses, thunder and lightning, the might of the oceans, how trees grow reaching up to the sky, volcanic activity and basically the flow of life and death and moral codes like gratitude and abstinence.

With that awe and wonder, humans convinced themselves that there must be some cryptic, invisble power behind all these natural phenomenons, someone or something that controls all the mind boggling activities unfurling before their very eyes.  

For example, Vikings believed that eclipses were caused by some kind of celestial power that lords over them. So, when sun eclipses unfold, they scream, chant and beg for mercy from the divine entity whom they believe is behind the ominous, terrifying event.

Sure enough, in a short while, the moon passes its course and the sun shines again.

And, the Vikings rejoiced, saying that by their 'worship' GOD has showed His amazing grace.

As the world revolved and evolved, mankind went on to form great civilizations, notably the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires. These civilizations went on to give the celestial beings they believe responsible for inception, conservation and annihilation of everything earthly names, emotions and human forms. In due course of time, these empires crumbled and other civilizations replaced them, together with new fangled theism.

Down the winding, tortuous time lane, science kicked in and a plethora of astronomers and scientists, began to explain the truth and empirical facts behind the natural phenomenons which challenged religious establishments and later, wronged them, instances which greatly humbled religions. That is why many scientists are atheists. It is simply because they can't draw a parallel between religious teachings, science and the ever developing modern world.

While that is the case for science and scientists, others can't let GOD go. Why? Entrenched indoctrination and irrational fear that should they shun God, they would experience His wrath. In this light, God can be considered as a boogeyman. 

If we are united in the name of religions, all is well. The thing is, it is not the case. Bloodthirsty, sadistic religion promises martyrdom to those who kill fellow brothers and sisters by self sacrificing. Suicide bombers and Islam is what I am pinpointing here. Don't get me wrong, I am not against Islam; I'm against all sordid aspects of religions.

All religions has bathed in human blood in order to glorify each other. In the notion of if you are not with me, you are against me is the religion extremism and the cause for much destruction. That is why we have so many sects and denominations; it is because somebody had some 'visions' and it makes them anointed, canonized religious leaders who can enslave, subjugate women, kill at will and decide who shall live and who shall not. 

And, that is why religions are the bane of humanity. Cmon, we already ventured into outer space. Did any of the cosmonauts report back to earth that they found Indraloka and Lord Indra dancing gujala  gummangguthu with the heavenly nymphs Ramba, Menaka and Urvashi? Gimme a break!


  1. the last sentence was so hilarious... lol

  2. hello miss Hema..human sense are limted.. when there is no light..we cant even see ourselfe..what to talk about seeing god? u cant even understnd who u r? and why you are here in this world? what to talk bout understanding the supreme god? do you think god is so cheap? to become a doctor u need to study MBBS/M.D..Similiarly.. to see god..u need the qualification too... whats the qualification.?? that u need to read the vedic sripcture.. god is beyond our imigination..beyond our dont try to understnd god with ur logic and imperfect sense? your are making fun of lord indra? indra loka? indra loka is there..and lord indra is there too. u can get the direction to indra loka in srimad bagavatam.but to reach indra loka is imposible with our human body..human max age is just 100 you goin reach indra loka? which takes millions of light years in the speed of mind..heard bout speed of mind? if scientist are so great?? why not tey stop this 4 things.. death,birth,disease and old age?? vedas teach us how to ecsape from these 4 things..that is call real science..tink bout it..


    1. Hahaha, qualification? What kind of qualification one needs to have blind faith? God is touted to be omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Ok, let me zoom in on Hinduism. Lord Shiva, not aware that Ganesha is his son, slays him and exhumes him later. So much for being omniscient.

      Now for Lord Indra. If you had read my blog thoroughly without bias, you'd have seen that I don't rule out the existence of aliens who might visited mankind in the past with mind boggling technology and wisdom. In that light, Lord Indra can be categorized as an alien, not God.

      Our blue planet is constantly renewing herself by destruction, perservation and creation and for that to happen, birth, diseases, old age and death is crucial. Even other planets degenerate then regenerate themselves. It's a universal law.

      By the gist of your comment, I get the idea that you are a Hindu. I like Hinduism as a principle but not as a religion. See, I'm overreaching.. You, on the other hand are narrowing down on Hinduism; you don't defend Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It is this divide I hate most in religions.

  3. Last but not least,One can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead by His mercy only.So here is the point, that without Lord's mercy, we cannot stand up on the pure consciousness platform. Therefore we have to pray to the Supreme Lord always.

    Bhagavad-gita 7.15
    “Those miscreants who are grossly foolish, who are lowest among mankind, whose knowledge is stolen by illusion, and who partake of the atheistic nature of demons do not surrender unto Me.”

    "I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 10.8)

    1. Hahaha.. Man this sounds so narcisstic and self absorbed. Worship me or face my wrath. If you don't worship me, you are a miscreant.

      My friend, why don't you try to tell this verse to a Muslim. You dare?

  4. The human brain cannot simply create something out of nothing. Whatever ancient humans did, they have witnessed it happening. That is how religion came to be. I'm not ruling out aliens, it is a possibility as well, the thought of billions of stars out there and only one sustains life is ridiculous but what I can conclude is that there is a supreme being out there .