Sex education timely more than ever


In regards to introducing guidelines to identify LGBTs by the Education Ministry, perhaps the question of teaching sex education in secondary school is never as opportune as now. The LGBT weeding out guidelines are preposterous. They don’t contain an ounce of scientific fact. All of it is myopic and high on stereotyping and generalising which makes it highly unreliable, not to mention sadistic and discriminative.

In my opinion, adolescents would greatly benefit from sex education backed with scientific facts and a moral code. While scientific facts are dependable, informative and direct, moral code is where manipulation takes center stage.

The moral code, instead of expounding that homosexuality is culturally and religiously wrong, make our kids understand that homosexuality is neither a choice of an individual nor it’s a disease. It is an equal to heterosexuality. It is really as simple as that. And, there is nothing to worry for one to befriend homosexuals.

They have the opposite sexual orientation to heterosexuals and are just as human as you and I and have the right to make their own decisions. They are far, far, far better than rapists, molesters and paedophilles. It is even wrong to compare LGBTs to sexual offenders but I’m pushed to do it to put my point across.

The rise of baby dumping, teen pregnancy and kids being sexually active calls for much more concern from the education ministry than identifying homosexuals. One thing that boggles me is, after a child, somehow, is succesfully identified as homosexual, what happens next? Counselling? Caning? Will it help the child? So many questions arise in its wake.

Pubescent kids are indulging in sex not because they are knowledgable about sex but rather the lack of correct knowledge about sex.

I daresay all parents will be in a state of denial once they learn that their child is sexually active and God forbid, homosexual, with the latter arousing more hungama and controversy when the problem lies with the former which is a social ill. Yes, you heard me, teen promiscuity, pre-marital and underage sex come under the category of social ills. Homosexuality is NOT a social ill.

Properly put sex education would actually make adolescents sexually abstinent and chaste and curb the problem of teen pregnancy, infanticide and baby dumping. Learning that homosexuality is actually caused by a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental influences as well as the acquirement of the knowledge of the spread of sexually transmitted disease through unsafe sex, with AIDS being the biggest risk would make our youngsters more aware about sex and its consequences and promote the true and correct understanding of homosexuality.

Many of our teens these days are only shy-shy at home. Once outside, they couple up or triple up and indulge in coitus including blowjob and ice-creaming. I’m calling a spade a spade here, holding euphemism back. With the advent of Internet, porn is just a click away. No amount of parental control will restrain those raging hormones and some teens would get morbidly addicted to porn.

And, the more parents scold and shun their kids’ questions pertinent to birds and bees, the more the desire to know about sex develops and this is where the line between righteous knowledge about sex and ill-information about it gets blurred and most teenagers would take only the erotic and kinky details about sex onboard and later on, experiment.

The experimenting kids whose guidance is porn, have no idea of STDs, contraception and that they could end up being Mommy and Daddy by the time they finish secondary school! And, many pregnant teens don’t know they are pregnant until labour kicks in! Likewise with parents and teachers blissfully unaware that their offspring and students are sexually active and pregnant. And, don’t forget the stigma on LGBTs and the heartbreaking, sadistic name-calling meted at them just because of their sexual orientation.

All of these stem from ignorance and misinformation. While it is true that we can’t monitor our kids’ activities all the time, because we have to free them from our hands one day and let them make their own decisions. What we can do is make it known to them of the consequences of unprotected sex and the risk and danger of having multiple sexual partners, that even with contraceptives and protection, one can contract STDs and get pregnant and the truth about homosexuality.

I stress again that scientific and factual knowledge about sex via sex education in school, would actually have a reverse pyschological effect, whereby adolescents, being aware of the implications of promiscuity and unprotected sex as well as the information that even having sex with protection, there are chances which will change their entire lives adversely refraining from being indulgent in sex.

Stop eyeing sex as taboo topic to discuss. Sex played a crucial part in evolution and we owe the biodiversity of Planet Earth to sex. If it wasn’t for sex, you and I won’t be here. Look at the bigger picture. Sex is critical for the continuation of life and species but it should be done with discretion and having the correct knowledge and intention and we must make it known to our children.

As for homosexuality, it is an equal to heterosexuality. There is nothing wrong with LGBTs. Nature made them the way they are. Culture and religion should not dictate who one is and who one should love. There is no need not to acknowledge them; just don’t bully them. For those who have a problem with homosexuals, the problem is not with them. The problem is with you. I rest my case.

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