I am infuriated over the ridiculously put together tell tale signs of detecting homosexuality in school children; it is nothing but pure hogwash, not to mention the guidelines being equivocal and anything but foolproof and surefire. I am sure many Malaysians agree with me and as outraged as I am. Some, still, think of it as a bad joke and others are clamouring that this is against human rights.
The guidelines to detect homosexuals issued, published and now, a step away from implementation range from the concerned structure of their body, their preferred attire and their preferred human company. The popularly punctuated trait of gays having effeminate mannerism and behaviour are not listed maybe because they are obvious.
If a male maintains a muscular body for health and have the penchant to show off his hot body by wearing body fit, V neck and sleeveless shirts and if his favourite colour for clothing happens to be light hues, enjoys the company of men and sports big bags, he can be confirmed as gay.
So, the warning goes to boys, do not maintain a fit body, never wear the aforementioned garb and don't hang out with guy friends because if you do, you'll be deemed gay.
There are even guidelines to identify lesbians on the bordering of not showing affection to men, likes to sleep with women and almost always in the company of women. So, if I hang out with my girlfriends and sleep on the same bed with my mother, sister, aunt, cousin sisters or a female friend who stays over, I'm lesbian huh? And, if I have a stormy relationship with my father and sibling rivalry with my brother or a fall out with my male classmates, I can be branded as lesbian. And, while you are at it, how about coming up with guidelines to identify errant students, those students who are falling back in studies, gangsterism and drug abuse in the midst of students, pregnant teens, students in severe needliness and even corrupt politicians and take the necessary steps to curb those problems? That would benefit students and ultimately, the rakyat no? Why you no think?
Besides, after affirming that a kid is indeed homosexual, what next? Informing their parents that they have a homosexual child and dispense the onus to turn their kid around? Telling the kid that he is abnormal and his sexual tendency is a damned, rankled and blasphemous one, one that religion and society frown upon and that, like it or not, you have to change to what is popularly accepted as righteous? Or build a school to turn homosexual kids to heterosexual beings like how we have a school for pregnant teens? How would any of that would give the kid a morale boost and be beneficial and bear a positive effect imbibed by optimism? With these types of approach, the kid's joy sours and, confusion, steeped in anger, soars and the perception that he is a misfit would settle in the kid's conscience.Why do we have to make our children go through this? This is abuse in it's own right, mind you!
Instead of illustrating guidelines to sift out homosexuals in their munchkin stage, the Education Ministry should have come up with a rigorous code to detect children who are being or have been physicall, mentally and sexually abused and suffering silently and those who are underaged and actively engaged in sex.
And, instead of passing a public policy to weed out homosexuals, educate our children on homosexuality, the implications of unsafe sex, which is, having unprotected sex, and having multiple sex partners and pregnancy. I'd like to quote Madame Marie Curie here, "Nothing is to be feared. It is only to be understood." The LGBT issue can be dealt by making pre-teen kids be in the know circle of the birds and bees and why some people are homosexual and the role sexual hormones play in heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality.
Primarily here, school goers learn about sex and asex in Form 3 Science syllabus, in the chapter reproduction. Those teens who go on to take Science Stream in Form 4 and 5 further learn about the concerned topic in Biology and it halts at that. LGBT, the discourage to have pre-marital and underage sex and promiscuity, how to protect oneself from being molested or raped and who to turn to when their chastity gets violated and the grave complications of STDs are not expounded and drilled in schools where kids spend 8 hours in a day, leaving adolescents to assume and make guesses and wonder.
Secondly, the perception that talking about homosexuality sex is hush-hush and taboo must be oliberated. Which one is better? Talking and comprehending the scientific nitty gritty facts and morals about homosexuality and sex to kids by teachers and parents or getting ill-informed by the Internet, porn and peers or the filtering out homosexual slant in our children with the guidelines being fallible? I, for one would rather have my teenage kids coming to me with such queries rather than them getting to know about LGBT and sex with just as blur friends and mis-informed by porn. And, if my son turns out to be gay, I'll be there for him and be his mother and nurture him with tender loving care as well as ensure that he reaches peak potential in life. It won't be easy but I won't give up on him.

The passed LGBT identification in school kids guideline is malicious and pernicious and we are again an international laughing stock. Malaysia is fraught with more pressing issues such as pending electoral reforms, crime rate increase, skyrocketing goods price, sluggish economy and whatnot and our government had to come up with guidelines to draw a distinction between homosexuals and heterosexual in school level since the future of Malaysia is in grave danger because if homosexuality is not nipped in the bud (with the guidelines on how to transform a homosexual into a heterosexual yet to be tabled) Homosexual Apocalypse would hold Malaysia in a hostile grip. What a load of crock. Malaysia Boleh!
And now, let's watch how successfully Malaysia becomes an international stock as effortlessly as could be.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxtrO9iOeM8