In regards to the student and other individuals who allegedly stepped and opened his pants in a crouching position on Najib's portrait which caused much brouhaha and the related police hunt for these miscreants, I'd like to pose a question. Where were our men in blue when butt exercises were put on full display in front of Ambiga's house and the other uncouth, defiling of image of Penang Chief Minister LGE? Our police task forces were standing in the sidelines, arms, folded.
But, when Najib's picture got unrespectful treatment, PDRM sprang into action in a heartbeat, forming special teams to nab the doers, whose deeds which perhaps is held as the sins of the highest order, which must be severely penalized by hook or crook. While rapists get off scott free without serving a jail term, several belligerent young men who, in a moment of idiocy, stamp and strip on and at a nation leader get arrested and possibly sentenced to spend some time behind bars. No wonder Malaysia's moniker is Bolehland!
Coming back to the topic, the questions of whether our police force are Najib's personal body guards and image wardens arise in the minds of right thinking Malaysians. While obscene, callous and plainly gross rites are carried out against men and women who have pre-eminence here but being in BN's bad books are condoned, when Najib's portrait gets a barbed treatment, PDRM gets wide awake and launch manhunt in a flash. The average man on the street would be able to understand the partial treatment.
I am not justifying the acts of the overzelous act of the boors wanting to shit and stomp on Najib's photo. Whatever it is, he is our Prime Minister and the post and his datukship command utmost respect. The individuals who acted with plain insolence are nothing short of blackguards, not only they tarnished the Janji Demokrasi rally, they also tarnished Malaysia's name in the international arena. We are indeed, the world's laughing stock because our political scene is plainly profane and undignified which doesn't represent a civillized society be it BN or PR. Our politicians have a lot of brushing and growing up to do in this area. Malaysia is 55, not 5.
Clearly what the fellows did is utterly asinine and purely shameful, a culture that doesn't reflect maturity and decency but what I'm questioning here is why similar action wasn't taken when Ambiga was harassed in front of her home and mock funeral rites were carried out on LGE's picture, with the perpetrators publicly known to having links with BN one way or another? Ain't this fishy smelling? The police reasoned that the burger stall and buttock display were carried out of Ambiga's residence bounds therefore they have no ground to apprehend them. Pray tell, did the chaps, who have now been detained did what they did in Najib's personal residence's veranda? Why you no explain?
And, the questions above births another question. Is PDRM subservient to BN and are they BN's thugs, their call of duty being at BN's interest? Judging by the hindsight and the current status quo, the answer is slanting to the affirmative. Ok, now who must police serve? The people or BN incumbents? The answer is the people, whose tax pays the policemen and policewomen's salary, but it doesn't seem so here, with the clampdown of the 3 peaceful consecutive Bersih rallies and the handling of this recent butt baring and stepping portrait issues.
In reverse psychology perspective, BN, namely Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein did the people a great favour by shooting BN in the foot yet again, after sequel after sequel of fiascos. If he had made some noise and urged (I'm using the word 'urge' here because police force should be an independent entity which can neither be be 'ordered' nor 'commanded') the police to take swift and stern action on Ambiga and LGE's intimidators, the rakyat might have considered to give BN another 5 year mandate. But, he didn't and his reticence translated to racism, select persecution steeped in vested interest and sexism.
So, Malaysians, I believe I know all of you know all too well what to do in this approaching 13th GE. Thank you.