Me, hate Tamils??

Please read the following with a neutral frame of mind.

Copying western culture is OK, but copying Tamilnadu culture is not ok?
Fantastic view point. You forget where you belong.
I repeat what the Muniandy Chinnadurai petronas ad says "The world is changing. But we are always proud of what we are.".

Looks like you are not proud of what you are.
This is like saying "pakkathu street la sigappa oruthar irukkare avar than enga appa."

Neengallam nalla varuveenga. Nanri!

She is Telegu and she hates Tamil to core .All her negativity will be reflected to Tamils , why Telegu movied do no have Dappankuthu ?

She hates Tamils till she don't want to use the word Deepavali but choose to use Diwali .Diwali is iused by Northern Indian but in Malaysia common word is Deepavali which is a tamil word.

Your article is half complete and lacks in depth research, Sonia Ghandi was working in tandem with LTTE to smuggle God's statute/artifices from India to European country .Some of this are sold in Sonia's sister shop in Italy . You also did not mention the role China in this conflict who was playing shadow game with Sri Lanka . The Tamil diaspora around the world has brought this to UN level and working hard on this matter.So for you who has no role except being arm chair critic plus being a Tamil hater .You are linking the objection abt Rajapaksee by local Malaysian Tamil with Tamil Nadu politics plus Palestine and the whole world issue .Maybe you are the one in cloud nine by writing subtly this article which reflects your hatred against tamils in general.

The above is the caustic criticism I received after blogging about dappanguthu for Diwali and the Sri Lankan issue and it is all because of me being a Telugu. Yes, racism is rearing its ugly head again and in actuality, it is not racism; it's sub racism because Indian is a race as a whole. Telugu, Tulu, Marati, Malayalam, Bihari, Punjabi and whatnot are Indian sub races.

For the people who gave me great flak of supposedly being anti Tamil maybe keep me along the lines of Presana Narayanan. 

I countered those comments on the blog itself and for those who are yet to read them, look up my previous blogs. Here are the links.

All of what I wrote, is writing and will write is in good faith. Tamil is the majority of the Indian community in Malaysia, with specks of Telugus, Malayalees and Punjabis here and there.

So, true to the principle of majority wins and rules, I mostly slant into the reference of Tamil, Tamil movies from India being the most often used factor by me. For those who follow and read my blog on a  regular basis should by now know that I incorporate Tamil sentences and phrases in my blog and give  their definitions in English. I also do the same thing in Bahasa Malaysia. It is my blogging idiosyncrasy; it gives a refreshing oomph to my writings. On the question of why I chose Tamil is again true to the majority rules principle. If I write in Malayalam or Telugu, it would sound out of place. Athellam kannuku teriyathu,. (Those things get conveniently ignored) 

I am a Telugu. I gorge on gongura (puliche kirei curry. It's a famous Andhra dish and in English it is known as sorrel leaves) rice and wear my saree's pallu (pallu is a Hindi word and I believe the Tamil word for pallu is mundhanai) on the right side and I speak Telugu at home. My connection with Telugu stops at that. Ugadhi and Sankrathri (Ponggal) are just another days for my family. 

85% of what I watch and listen to is Tamil cinema and Tamil music. And, I watch more Hindi movies than Telugu movies besides movies from Hollywood. Frankly speaking, I hate most Telugu movies; the villains bellow, "Heeeeeeyyy, Heeeeeyyy" for no good reason and the surplus of songs in Telugu movies is sickening because they disrupt the continuity of the plot. Again, the predilection of the majority rules nuance plays a part in my choice of entertainment.

99% of Indian entertainment in Malaysia is from Kollywood and Bollywood and a fraction of the percentage can be accorded to the Malaysians of Indian ethnicity entertainment artistes. Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi films are so limited, they are insignificant. Having that status quo, it is only natural for me to write about what dominates and leave out the small timers. My niece, Keisha Shena, is known as Cinema Pro in my family. She is 8 and goes to a Chinese school and yet she knows every of late Tamil movie and can identify every Tamil actor. This is just another example of Tamil films' influence on the Indian community as a whole here, with Punjabis being an isolated case. 

The thing is, if a Tamil writes in a critical manner like our Sk Durai (I'm a great fan of him and rageindian blog) it is acceptable and validated but the minute a non Tamil writes about Tamil (I write more about Indians than Tamils), he or she instantly becomes anti Tamil!! Yennangeda ithu?? Ithu nyayama? (What the heck is this?? Is it fair?) Just because I'm Telugu and when I write about Indians as a whole, my gist gets dissected and then misinterpreted and I got branded anti Tamil. It is just like how godmen misinterpret holy verses, making their own preposterous presumptions.

The anonymous bloke up there wrote that I hate Tamils because I used the word Diwali instead of Deepavali, which is Tamil. Ada paavi, room pottu yosicharu pole irukeh.. (Sinner dude, perhaps he booked a room and thought of it) I merely wrote Diwali because it shorter than Deepavali, saves time la.. Even before I wrote about the dappanguthu ad, I wrote Diwali rants and it got only one comment, a smiley icon. Unfair no? Diwali or Deepavali, it is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. What's the big deal in the Festival of Lights being called Diwali or Deepavali? Are all the people who call this festival as Diwali anti Tamil? It is beyond tragic to know that this kind of people with siege mentality exist among us.

Another dude totally demeaned my birth. He subtly called me bastard by saying "Pakathe street le sivappe oruthar irukare, avar than engge appa." (The wheatish skinned man who lives down the street is my father.) Need I say more? I didn't choose my skin colour; I was born fair. I can't alter my genes. He was saying that I forgot my culture and values by me saying that dappanguthu is not up to the height of the Indian culture. He is advising me not to forget my culture and values by letting his culture and values go to the dogs by speaking the way he did. So much for walking his talk.

Forgive me but I have to voice this out. Maybe Tamils here have an inferiority complex, especially the dark skinned ones. They are, more often than not, subjected to racial slurs, being called pariah and keling of which I am vehemently against! It is highly unfair but calling other Indians with fair complexion as anti-Tamil is also not right; it is racial prejudice in its own right! I am known as Hemulu by my Indian friends in secondary school because of my Telugu roots and paradoxically, I speak Tamil better than I do my mother tongue. I personally was never subjected to racial slurs at any phase of my life and neither I have ridiculed anyone on the basis of skin colour, race and religion.  

We should stop trying to emulate India in Malaysia. India is a nation of great divide; they are not only sub racists, they are casteists as well. We mustn't replicate India here. If we try to do it, we will be at the losing end. 

We are a marginalized minority here, Malaysians of Indian ethnicity which is inclusive of Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees and Punjabis and unless we don't stop dividing ourselves by sub-races there is no way for us to become a consolidated community. In governmental documents there are no columns for Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi or Malayalee, only Indian. And,our, together with our Malay, Chinese and whatnot compatriots' (at least those who support PKR) ultimate want is there being only two columns,  Warganegara Malaysia (Malaysian citizen) and Bukan Warganegara Malaysia (Non Malaysian citizen) 

With this kind of enmity and ill will, a dynamically and progressively united Malaysian of Indian ethnicity would remain a mere dream and the creation of Bangsa Malaysia, an unreachable utopia. We are shy 8 years away from 2020. 8 varusham chumma apdiye parenthe poyirum (the 8 years would simply fly by) Will we keep on identifying Tamil haters and persecute them of racism or are we gonna be united with an unanimous voice to have what is rightfully ours? The choice is yours; you are the hero of this story and together, we can make history. DOT. 

I'd like to quote Honest Abe, "A house divided against its own will never stand." It is high time we jettisoned  our divisive mentality and operate as a single unit of solidarity like Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity.



  1. Excellent one there!!!

    If we had this mentality of not subdividing ourselves, we will not be looking at this :

    "The Indian community is plagued by a number of problems besides poverty, low self-esteem and having the lowest share of the nation’s corporate wealth. It has the highest number of gangsters, prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholics, suicide rate and single mothers in proportion to population. Indians commit about 50 per cent of our nation’s serious crimes and record the highest percentage of deaths whilst under police custody. Indians also have the lowest life expectancy rate among the major races."

  2. You are again proving you are Tamil hater , you are giving more excuse for being that . Reflection you are not aware in Malaysia govt have subdivided Indian to :Tamil , SL Tamil ,Telegu, malayali,Indian Muslim and few other .Before writing go and get your facts correct . Yr articles :-

    1) Against vernacular school only Tamil school you abstain for talking abt other . So much hiding behind term Malaysian and Indian.

    2)Another article abt yr neighbours in yr hometown T.Intan .Again stereotyping Tamils ladies and neighbour .

    3)You can't even write in Tamil character , then why you want ,to romanized them .so ppl understand ? What nonsense ,can't you write in simple english , u write in such way just to tease Tamils .

    You are giving and giving more reason and not sincere . Don't compare with other Tamil blogger because they are much sincere and helpful to the society esp Tamil community .You are just a Tamil hater but doing it subtly not like Pressane , don't think we can't see that.

    1. Ippo confirm aachi. You are non other than Siva Kumar who is having a sore spot for me, aren't you?

      You see, I'm telling you this time and again. Whatever I write and express are my vantage points and rants. I write about everything under the sun.

      My article about vernacular Tamil school is purely my views, nothing more, nothing less. You are such a sub racist by telling that I hide behind the term Malaysian or Indian. Telugu ah porenthethu avlo kutrama?

      You are so racist that you presume that my ex-neighbour in Teluk Intan are Tamils. They are Telugus, for your kind information and their family name is Kullamal. Sorry to burst your bubble Mr Siva Kumar but that tends to happen when you blindly assume.

      I can read Tamil but cannot write effectively (I taught myself to read Tamil mind you) and my blog is viewed worldwide and the global lingua franca is English and Roman characters. What do you mean why I want to Romanize Tamil so that people can understand? Of course I want people understand what I write! That is the core reason for blogging!

      Aiyoh, awak memang sakit otaklah! Me writing romanized Tamil is to tease Tamils ah? Adui, I also write in Malay in an interspersed fashion for my blogs. So, it means I tease Malays too? Think before you write and allege. Don't blindly make dumb assumptions that carries no significance.

      Your last paragraph is the ultimate hallmark of you being anti Telugu. Yes, I can accuse you the way you accuse me. You are saying that I am making excuses and insincere. That alone speaks volumes of your partisan beliefs and you can call me racist till the cows come home. I am not going to give a shit about it and you will find yourself as a lone, desperate, sub racist looney. Good luck with that.

    2. My ex neighbour were Telugus but they didn't speak the language. They spoke Tamil. Only the mother and the father could speak Telugu. The children couldn't.

  3. Anon, calm down. Why are YOU deciding who must write what in certain way to appear more Indian? Nitpicking makes you look like you have some kind of mental disorder.

    In the blogging arena, it is advised that one uses a language understood by majority since almost ANYONE can read it.
    Deepavali is only a term used by Indians and Msian Indians. Tell this to another person who dont know rat squat about Deepavali will identify better in DIWALI. It's simple as that. Does it matter what language or Indian dialect is used to describe the Holy Festival of Light? Tuhan sama sahaja. Writing Diwali doesn't make Shiva wear a turban and Deepavali doesn't make him wear a jippa. Sama sahaja baju dia mana2 zaman sekalipun.
    I think Miss Minty here actually CAN write and speak in Tamil fluently. I think she is just being linguistic-friendly for ALL readers. Itupun pun you nak baham dia ke? If you dont like her writing style, you are free to leave. Since when are you an expert on writing conduct? Tak pahamlah you nih.
    The fact that she has to justify herself is a darn shame, she doesn't have to explain what she does in her own blog.

    ps: those Tamil ladies stereotypes are mostly true, especially among those traditional ones.

    I am a Tamil girl, speaks Tamil fluently, speaks Tamil with my family and those around her. But I can't write Tamil characters. I suppose by your standards I am not too Indian.


    1. This guy has been hounding me since the beginning of this year. He condemns my every article and FB posts.. Tholle thangamudiyama block pannen, on Facebook and he is now attacking me on my blog. Sore ass.

  4. I don't see any part of you being critical about the Tamils, and there is no reason why you can't criticize Tamils because we are all part of the Indian community.

    About the Tamil school issue, I was against your views as well, but it is all part of a healthy discussion. My point of view might be harsh to drive the point, just like yours. Your article even the previous ones has valid points, one cannot deny it.

    1. Aiyya Paavi, FIRST OF ALL WE TAMILS ARE NOT INDIANS. We all settled in India some 10,000 years ago when our ancestors came from another continent. So moving to other places like Malayasia or Singapore was not tough. In fact who knows if many of us settled that time itself in these areas while doing that in India. Our tamil race is only somewhat different from other Indians.

    2. Dei Loose Case "Anonymous" EVERYONE comes from some continent 10,000 years ago! Tamil Nadu is my motherland and it is a part of India so STFU! everyone is an Indian.

  5. Exactly Durai, Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam or Punjabi, we are Indians. Too bad some Indians here harbour ill will towards other sub races like the bloke above.

    1. If you wish to be critical only towards Tamil then why can't you accept when you are criticized to being against Tamils . If your article not touches anything about that then why shall I comment .Yr other articles don't receive any comments though .

      Durai , you have to read all her articles then you can see the pattern and all her articles is only related to Tamils not about others. Everybody can criticize about the others but what is the reasons for them to criticize , is it to put them down , and people can stand up against that too must be accepted . It cannot be one way street and agreed you must be open for healthy discussion and one must make amendment for their mistake even including me .

      Even in yr article I believe there is room for disagreement .

      I never condemned about any other sub races as I was standing for only relates to Tamils . If that is understood as racist , I do not understand about journalism.

    2. You can go to hell with your sordid perceptions and comments. If you call me a Tamil hater, then I can call you a Telugu hater but I won't stoop to your low level. For me, you are merely a damp cloth on a volcano. You can't do anything to me so stop wasting your time being an anjing menyalak bukit. I don't give a fuck about your sick assumptions and your poking fire. You just showed who you are by speaking the way you did.

    3. You poke fire and try to turn Sk Durai against me. What kind of mentality is that? So god damn sick.

      You are a 'batu api' of the highest order, trying to stoke up sub racism and hatred among Malaysians of Indian ethnicity, sitting on your high horse.

      The gist of comment speaks volumes about your character as a whole which is pernicious and despicable.

  6. wow, that's one long article.. That's why at times, it's better to be an anonymous writer, and instead of arguing about where you stand, it's better to delete the unwanted comments...

    *cheer* I loved your article on deepavali@dewali...

    1. People like these need to be countered, else they will think what they say is the undeniable, absolute truth. And, thank you, Shantzey.. :-)

  7. you go girl!...keep up ur good work..i been following up ur blog, durai's blog and shantzey's blog, you guys are doing well..jus dont give a fuck to some sickheads..

    Mr. Menon

  8. dear hema, you using a foul word f**k on your post dec 5 2012@1.08pm when replying to that imbeciles siva kumar and @anon11.21am is only going to stoke the flames further and not extinguish this controversy.I know you are not a Tamil hater.don't reply to them (anon 11.21am and sivakumar).they are enjoying intimidating and taunting you by pretending to be a guardian for tamil culture but in reality only for selfish gains and wanting cheap publicity.please don't give a hoot on accusations that you are anti tamil.Is it a norm for you to use that word or it just spewed out because you got agitated because it seems so unlady the way is that you and your siblings going for a ride on the bicycle?very nice picture.your english is very good.are you an english lecturer?I need your advice on how to improve my english.

  9. Hema, I use Diwali too, I am a Tamil, of Sri Lankan origins...I don't see no wrong in using Diwali (lesser syllables for one is awesome!)
    Keep up the good work :)

  10. Hello All,
    No wonder I found this blog, I just typed in Chinese hate tamil in google search and I found this page.
    I am not a racist, I do not discriminate.
    I don't say I hate Tamil, but I just don't like it/I'm not concerned about it.

    The actual fact or truth of the indian languages are that,
    India is mainly based of Aryans, The root or base of India who spoke Sanskrit, and then later were a small part of dravidians who spoke tamil. South indian languages such as Kannada Malayalam Telugu, Tulu are all derivatives of Sanskrit.. Hence the similarity. Due to mutation of Tamil into every language, There are certain similar words of tamil in other languages.

    Tamil people either genetical or original or transformed, tend to Tamilize and dominate every place.

    If any one with a neutral mind who is a non tamilian would see the way I see it or would have come across what I had experienced and learnt, You would feel exactly the same....
    I am a kannadiga born in Karnataka, Bangalore. My mother tongue is kannada.... I am dark skinned so lots call me tamilian and discriminate me too until the know the truth about me... My body and Name is like a Malayali so certain people ask me if I am one or if I am from kerala. So I'm quite like a hybrid...

    If you would clearly notice, Rajnikanth is actually a Marathi origin who was born in Bangalore but he was invited to tamil and he succeded there... Tamil people are bound to conquer south india probably if there are enough loose ends....

    I live in a part of Bangalore where it is called Mini "Tamil nadu".
    There are more malayalis in my area and a few telgites, but none speak their language, they only speak Tamil, The mistake me for a tamilian. Including the muslims....

    I am a medical student and I have studied DMOT, to assist Surgeons and Anesthetists like a right hand Paramedic. I Want to become a Super surgeon one day.
    As a medical student, I will need a lot of practice with every kind of case so here is one of my experiences based on communalism by tamilians....

    As I mentioned before, I live in Karnataka, Bangalore....
    I was preparing for my exams and I had to go for hospital practice... So I went to a day care hospital in my home town.
    The hospital owner/Managing doctor is a Shetty(Of kannada and tulu)... there is a nurse in that hospital who is from thirunalveli and She is so bad that she caused lots of problems for me and Managed to convince the doctor to stop me from practicing at the hospital because I was not a tamilian.

    She once told me and another nurse(of tulu origin) that all south indian states, Kerala Karnataka Andhra belongs to tamil nadu...
    And they were all stolen from tamil nadu.
    How cheap is that....

    At my locality or vicinity, I only see tamil movie posters, No Kannada, No malyalam, no Telugu...
    If telugu people are there, They are chased or droven off from our area...

    There are many more things I would like to say.....
    Many more experiences I would share.....
    If any of you would want, Please E-Mail me or PM me.....
    My E-Mail is
    I seek only equality.... I have many thoughts in my mind....
    I wish I could stop the violence against Women, I have many thoughts about that too in mind but I have no one to share with...

    Abhilash... :)

    1. Since you started off your post with "I am not a racist" and "Chinese hate Tamil" shows that you do harbor hate toward Tamil people. Frankly, someone who is seeking only equality will not search for these things. And about Rajni... yes he is Marathi but Tamil people still love him as their own you could also say that they are a welcoming people.

      Also, if you are not seeing posters of Kannada and Telugu or Malayalam movies are you saying the Tamils are just ripping them off the walls? Did you see them do it? If not then why are those communities not putting their movie posters up? You say you live in Bangalore or "Mini Tamil Nadu" maybe the posters are there to cater to the people who live there? And the Malayalees and Telugus that speak only in Tamil, unless you can explain otherwise, its their choice of language that they speak.

      The one thing I do agree with you is that the Tamil nurse was horrible, but other than that you come off as a lonely paranoid with little common sense, worried about being "dominated" by others.

      And about Telugu people being chased out your street, don't believe you on that either, but Kannadigas are not innocent of chasing other communities out of their state either. You people seem to love doing that to Tamils. Perhaps that's your way of getting rid of their "dominance".

  11. Hey.Haha,Read this one too.I believe you are right 100%!Love to see an article written that kinda expresses my thoughts on the indian community here.Ignore the naysayers and keep up your good work.Love to read more!

  12. By accepting aryan is mother language of india then south indian conceid they are inferior to north or westen culture which is mainly a babaric in nature. Eventhough I love open critics, classifying entire tamil has racist is absurd. Just like pointing fingers to someone the other fingers reflecting in the reverse direction. Dear Hema, don't get aggitated if you have strong arguments and healthy discussion. But then again, your values and your maturity clearly get into question when you start using FxxK words. For mr menon, malaiyali are mountain people from tribes...they gotten chriten by Brahmins from dwarka back in 5th stop infuriating other check ur background.

  13. Sanskrit is engineering language not a literature. In todays world, I would equate a robot language equivalent, just greek symbils for scientifuic exopression.

  14. Please check human migration and DNA mapping, dravidian are communal species of early ancestors of abrogines and negritos mutated over the time, migrated if not resided over 75000years, then came other african tribes from sudan, nigeria and intermiggled created dravidian civilization, a strong homo sapien mainly with blood type O of haplogroup M.
    Later, neanderthals lost their civilization with crog magnan..created species called aryan (blood type. A , dna haplogroup r1a and b. Then aryan try to take habitable land and avoided extreme climate. The aryan started looting, trading and conspire the dravidian kingdom. Clearly mentioned in ramayana. Later dravidian lost the war, the intermigling staryed 1OOOO to 7000yrs ago. Now indian has huge pool of mixed dna almost 95% in nature. In 200 years time , you get greater pool of brownish people due to mix breeding. So, majority of us are mix breeding...stop belittling south indian each other...

  15. For your information, bihari, bangaldeshi, odissa, assamese and even large part of telugus are closer dna with chinese than aryans. While are our brother malaiyalis are tribals only rechristened 1500yrs ago. Hindi language is only 700 yeras old, even urdu is older than hindi. in general indian are largely decendent of africans. Only pakistani punjabi or some punjabi in india havinhg closer dna of aryans but they too have dravidian blood at very small amount. Next time argue with scientific evidence in this digital....not just keep ranting like small kids

  16. You fucking cunt we tamils are much more evolved than u north indian cocks. We might be horrible in speaking english with our typical south indian accents, that doesnt give you the fucking right to ride your mouth. We have Rajnikanth, Kamal, Vijay u have that queer idiot akshay kumar who keeps remaking Tamil movies so u can suck my cock and kiss my ass cuz all tamils will fight together and beat your skinny ass

  17. hi hemalu .i enjoyed ur articel. ru a teacher