Fucked up Indian male mentality

<@> She was a daughter. She was a sister. She was 23. She was a medical student. She had her life ahead of her. But, now she is no more. Her only crime? Being a woman. That is her only crime and for that she was raped and brutalized beyond reason. She fought, battled for her life for 15 days until she breathed her last on 29th December 2012.

For many of us, this is just a news; it will be forgotten in two weeks time until another similar horror story that sends shivers up our spines crop up and we will forget about it in due time as well. We have a convenient short memory.

This brave girl's struggle and eventual death should not be given into oblivion. Justice must be delivered to the demonic beings who perpetrated this crime. To hell with human rights when it comes to persecute these criminals. A punishment so severe that would cut another loose dick erection must be meted on those diabolic satans.

Let this be the last of such heart wrenching incident everywhere in the world. I am sure that it would have been the last wish of the brave, brave girl. Let us make her wish come true..<@>

The above refers to the girl who has been gang raped and mutilated beyond repair in a moving bus in New Delhi.

My recent blog, titled, Sexual harassment, a perennial problem, http://aradhanasmintyprofile.blogspot.com/2012/12/rape-perennial-problem.html#comment-form  evoked comments contained in ill will and malice.

Here are the comments:

-AnonymousDecember 27, 2012 3:34 AM
the victim is a north indian lady.norh indians call tamils kala madrasi,belittling and humiliating them so i don't give a fuck on any untoward incident involving aryans.

  1. maybe the victim is blessed with curves,has pink areola and scantily clad that attracted the attention of the attackers and they can't control their dick becoming morning wood and the rest is history.these ladies should first learn how to dress modestly and decently in appropriate clothes.the victim might have been fucking around with her boyfriend for months.

    The former comment is a racist one and I know who is the one cravenly hiding behind anonymity. Just because the victim is North Indian, he is alluding that she deserves it because of her ethnicity and fellow denizens who mock Tamils.

    The latter commentator passed the buck on female attributes and dress code being pulling factors to rape. Are males that prurient? Their dicks can erect and the urge to rape rises at the sight of women? Well, fuck yourselves for all glory! And, then, there is revulsion evoking presumption that the victim might have been fucking around with her boyfriend for months. His assumption can be construed as it is not wrong to rape a girl who probably slept with her boyfriend. This is how sick our male society is. Well, some of them, there are dignified gentlemen out there.
I was cruising on Facebook the other day an a chatter popped up and showed me a link which directed me to a photo of 2 fat aunties, clad in low back cut saree jackets. They were bending down, their respective meaty tush, in full display. I took a glance at it and didn't note a fellow standing next to the amply endowed ladies until the chatter pinpointed him to me, telling me to see his reaction.

The fellow was grabbing his crotch. His ding dong bell was erecting. I was condemning the vulgar gesture, that too at ladies who are old enough to be his mother. The chatter professed, "See, this is what happens when you dress like that." I was fucking seething at his rationale and hissed at him like a banshee in angst.

What a fucked up mentality! Ok, so does covering up from head to toe and wearing a burqa stop guys (I don't mean all guys, just some jerks who drool at the sight of a woman's toe) from looking at girls and curb sexual harassment?

                                      Inthe maari dress panna ok va???????

It is a fact that girls maintain their figure and dress up fashionably to be noticed but that doesn't mean that they can be subjected to unwanted attention referring to verbal and physical sexual harassment.

What if your sister or daughter wear skimpy, racy clothes? Will you rape them and later justify that their dressing turned you on when the perversion is in your mind.

The core of the problem lies in orthodox Indian patriarchy system where women are forced into submission; rebellion is forbidden and if a woman dares to speak her mind, she will be brutally silenced with rape being a tool to achieve complete subjection. Should the woman being raped try to fight the rapist off, she will be bloodied in order to teach a lesson on male supremacy and to put her in 'her place'.

Mothers tell their daughters to dress modestly, don't stay out at late nights and be careful at all times. They don't tell their sons not to rape or abstain from sex before marriage. That is why our society is as it is. Respect and recognition for women starts at home.

The rise of extreme porn is also contributing to the sadistic way a woman's chastity gets outraged. The satans in human form rip virgin girls' hymen apart by ramming foreign objects into their underside which inflicts excruciating pain.

This is plainly sick. Even animals don't do this. A new word needs to be coined to describe the perpetrators.

This mentality needs to be nipped in the bud. Teach boys from a young age to respect their complementing half and that they are equal. Treat boys and girls equally.

In my family, there is a relative that practice extreme patriarchy. They have an only daughter and 3 sons. The daughter is made to clean up after all three of her male siblings and do household chores while her male siblings play. The boys don't wash their plates after eating; their sister washes their dirty plates. Her Dad blames her for his recent misfortune. This is happening here, in Malaysia. And this is what encourages male chauvinism and disdain for females.

This is one case that I have seen. Goodness knows how many analogous cases are out there and how many sadistic rapists and perverts are forming or roaming at large who see women only as sexual objects.

Disable the core causal factor of rape and sexual harassment. Heavy penalties seem ineffective in curbing rape. Prevention is better than cure. Male mentality needs to be changed in the primordial stage, at inception. Maybe then sex crimes would grind to a halt. 


  1. Well-written. As a male, I would like to share something. I do get turned on if I see some curves and bulging body parts beneath the clothes that women wear. Be it a fit, tight, body-shapped, or a loose, casual wear. Be it young ladies or elderly females. I am biologically programmed to have that feelings and fantasies. However, my key to contain my excitement is self control. I acknowledge and respect the value of women in my life as i grew up being taught all the morals along with my three sisters. NOTHING should be justified as a reason to rape. There should be NONE. Cuting off the penises of the Rapists is my vote.
    -Malaysian Sensation

    1. You are welcome. Happy New Year Sis.
      -Malaysian Sensation

  2. I once had a discussion with a female friend about what women actually want?
    The truth is simple, there's no such thing as the world does not know what a woman want or you need a tome as thick as a schoolbus to know what women want.
    Men always knew what women want, but they never acknowledged it because it's not what they want to hear.
    Women want what men have right now.....freedom. Simple as that.
    And when I say freedom, it's not about dressing up the way you want or acting like whatever, those are secondary, but the freedom of being treated as equals.
    Until the legacy minded dinosaurs perish out of this planet, this chauvinistic male driven culture will not go off that easily....but I do hope the future holds something better with more fresher minds in tow....
    Good Write up :)

  3. That girl in the photo looks ravishing.What's her name?Is there anyway I can print out this picture for personal use?

    1. Sure, she's a policewoman. How about a date in prison? You'd 'enjoy' it, Sick Indian.

  4. Indian men are disgusting

    1. so,african,american,mexican,canadian or british man are more liking is it...nonsense...

  5. Indian men are a miserable lot..
    This is why india will never flourish

  6. Indian men are a miserable lot..
    This is why india will never flourish