Of wild accusations of me being anti-Tamil and standing headstrong

This, time, I wanna talk about me. How I am influenced by a motley of factors and how I apply them in my life is the subject of divulge in this blog.

Well, I have been branded a sub racist and anti Tamil. My blog, Me, anti Tamil???, has hit many raw nerves, my points, misconstrued and manipulated. My character and conduct as a lady has been tarnished as well, all of which have zero relativity to the subject of moot.

A post bearing my name was created on Facebook and while I had many criticizers, I had many supporters as well. It was neck to neck ratio. The heartening matter is, most of those who rooted for me were Tamils. The post, have, since, been removed by the Facebook team after someone reported it as abuse.

Perhaps those who chastised me want me to apologize and I was very close to doing it. I was a thread close to make a public apology on the Facebook page. I mean I have nothing to lose if I apologize. Then, something hit me, HARD. It was the power of my conscience, my inner voice. Sometimes one has to be intuitive.

My inner voice told me that I did not mean any harm or denouncement. What I wrote was not incitement, defamation or hate speech. In that light, how could it be deemed wrong and the necessity to apologize for it arise? It was purely a thought that took form in what I have seen in my lifetime. Maybe it didn't sit well for hypersensitive, dogmatic, nit-picking and scrutinizing individuals and lost souls but hey, it is impossible to please everyone  so I decided to please myself by refraining from issuing an apology.

Anyway, I did not vindicate myself on the post. The comments were profane and rife with ad hominem and I didn't want to stoop to such a low level of speech. I let them to do self character assassination and obliviously show their boorish colours and bloody-mindedness to all and sundry. It was really a free for all but I decided to let the vitriol be. What goes around comes around.

I am concentrating on the positive. When I thought I was standing alone in a crusade of preserving and the reinstating of my pride, others joined me. When I felt like a lone bobbing buoy a ship threw a lifeline for me to hold on and gave me a ray hope to continue what I love to do. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all who stuck with me.

Chastisements are inevitable when one is in a public forum. True to that principle, I am open for opposition and I have the KNOWLEDGE, MIND POWER, ATTITUDE and GUTS to face and counter it. I ain't no bimbo.

I have no ill will towards those who criticized me and those who literally defiled my image as a lady. They are issuing their vantage points as I am doing mine and telling them to mind their own business is none of my business. Freedom of speech is entitled to everyone.

Actually, I am indeed indebted to those who called me with profane terms and those who resorted to hate speech. Nothing best describes this than the picture below.



I cannot censure proof nature. Maybe my gender besides my sub race is easy game diatribe for blind, bigoted mindsets whose entrenched belief is if someone who doesn't belong to their race and gender writes something about their race, she must be a god damn racist who also harbours misandry. If you are not with me, you are against me mindset is the culprit behind this separatist thinking process.

The universe is unimaginably vast. My influence to this universe is infinitesimal. Likewise, the brickbats I received is also worth that much. I am the universe; few little black holes and quasars cannot perforate and outplay me.

Anyway, what I wrote above is the hallmark of my attitude. I can stay unfazed in the presence of an elephant in musth. Now, that is self confidence. Vadivelu (famous Tamil comedian) soldre maathiri, "Building strong-u aana basement konjum weak-u,"ingge anthe kathai kidaiyathu. (Like Vadivelu says, " Building is strong but basement is weak," that is not the case here.)


Point number 5 is what I am observing. Winston Churchill once said that if you keep on stopping to throw stones at the dogs who bark at you, it would slow your progression down.

Now, for the lessons I learnt from this hungama. I had to learnt to believe in the strength of my convictions and that I am more resilient than I thought I was.

People will condemn, no matter how noble your intentions are. It is human nature. If you show a person a white paper sheet with a tiny black dot on it and ask them what do they see, they will tell you that they see a black dot, the whole expanse of white, given into oblivion. But that doesn't mean the white doesn't exist.

And, I'm chilling like this Monalisa gone rascala! And, I will always chill with this major attitude!

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