The Sri Lankan issue

In reference to the latest brouhaha among Malaysians of Indian ethnicity condemning Mahinda Rajapakse's visit to Malaysia, I have a few words to agree to disagree to the uprising here.
Actually, Tamilnadu and India as whole don't give a damn for the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. India actually caused it then, condoned it. 

When guerilla war started in SL (Sri Lanka), Rajiv Gandhi deployed an army team from India to SL and the soldiers began raping the Tamil girls, the very individuals they are supposed to protect. They were even killing the girls after raping to save themselves from the crime and the obscuring of evidence.

The LTTE (Liberation of Tigers Tamil Eelam) went to Rajiv Gandhi and requested for him to withdraw the Indian army from SL and Rajiv observed inaction which led up to his asassination in 1993 by suicide bomber who belongs to the Tamil Tigers. I'm sure all of you know about this. Huge news it was.

After that, Karunanithi became Tamilnadu's CM and he didn't give a damn to the civil war in SL. He was busy enriching himself and his family via nepotism and elitism. The Sun Network (our Astro Maharaja package) belongs to Kalanithi Maran, Karunanithi's relative and mnay of the corrupt politicians' family members were appointed as Central and State ministers. Nepotism and elitism la.. apa lagi? (what more)

That old hog came into power via DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kalagam) and is god damn power greedy. Lebih kurang (More or less) like our BN ministers la..

Sonia Gandhi, (Rajiv Gandhi's widow) meanwhile planned revenge on LTTE for killing her husband, (yes, very Tamil movie-ish) and commited sabotage; India actually supplied ammunition to the Singhalese government to kill Tamilians. Karunanithi, TN's CM at that time did nothing to stop the carnage. Dok berpeluk tubuh je dia.. (He was just sitting with folded arms.) 

Many Sri Lankan Tamils died because of this; they paid an awfully unfair price. For one life of Rajiv Gandhi, 200 000 people perished with the world, looking on, doing nothing. Even UN withdrew its troops from there much to the Tamil's dismay and fear.

In a precis, it won't be erroneous to say that Sonia Gandhi (former Italian bar dancer turned wife of Rajiv Gandhi and she is now saving Italy from bankruptcy using Indian funds.) and Karunanithi who sat put and watched thousands of innocent Tamils die in vain indirectly caused the genocide.

Allowing or barring Rajapakse to Malaysia is not gonna make a difference, the damage is already done. It is actually good in terms of reverse psychology if Rajapakse's visit here is not cancelled. Sentimental Indians here won't vote for BN in the looming 13th GE and unknowingly do themselves a great big favour. 

Us, Indian diaspora can only holler our dissatisfaction then go back to the comfort of our homes while the genocide go on like it's never gonna stop. Hypocrisy of the highest order, come to think of it.

Here, Malaysians of Indian ethnicity can do the funky chicken, run around naked, do the Gangnam Style  on the streets protesting that Rajapakse should not step on the Malaysian soil and for the senseless killings to stop  but nothing is gonna happen for yo, my peeps. Najib ain't gonna give a shit. Onnum pudunga mudiyathu. (You can't muster any shit that is going to make a change.) With less than 10% of the population and 1.5% of the holding of economy, wtf we can do to make an impacting impression that would bring change? Leave Rajapakse, we can't fucking get the government's attention regarding the plight of stateless Indians, the dismal conditions of our Tamil schools, deserving university seats and gangsterism. What makes us think we can stop the massacre in Sri Lanka? We are Yindian Superman! Najib would laugh at our face only. That is the only thing we can budge him to do.

Finally, Rajapakse visit got cancelled and we now can be on cloud nine, thinking that our government is listening to the minority and maybe even applying populist statecraft. Really? I say shit you not! The reason behind the murderer out in the loose visitation cancelled was proclaimed to be him, having other plans, not for any other reason. Ithu epdi irukku? (How is this?) I can hear you dropping from cloud nine with a BANG!! Lost water face lah! Mana mau letak muka sekarang? (Where to put our faces now?)

We have pressing Malaysians of Indian ethnicity issues at home, that are seeing next to nothing resolution and we tend to get carried away and get out off at a tangent, our hearts, ruling our heads. We have Tamilians chopping up another Tamilian here, if you get what I'm pinpointing. I'm not saying that we should condone the genocide in SL I watched the video of the killing fields and went boo hoo (Yes, I'm a sentimental and a softie too.. What to do? Ai yam alsso Yindian!) but so did I when I watched the video of the crisis in Gaza.

Syria's conflict, African nations under junta rule, the plight of Rohingya Muslims have people dying every day and every crime against humanity deserves our attention and we must pay concern to it all and help the criminal acts hop onto stoppage, not choose who to help and who to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the other. 

Pain, suffering, anguish, hunger and thirst feels the same for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, religion and beliefs and those factors don't feel good and yet homo sapiens seem to enjoy inflicting those onto each other. What a sick world we live in. 

While it is good to rise against crimes against humanity, one must do it as a human, not based on race and religion. If one does it with race and religion connection as basal, he is no lesser than a criminal who commits crimes against humanity.


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    It is very stressful to the vision and that is most welcomed

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  3. Your article is half complete and lacks in depth research, Sonia Ghandi was working in tandem with LTTE to smuggle God's statute/artifices from India to European country .Some of this are sold in Sonia's sister shop in Italy . You also did not mention the role China in this conflict who was playing shadow game with Sri Lanka . The Tamil diaspora around the world has brought this to UN level and working hard on this matter.So for you who has no role except being arm chair critic plus being a Tamil hater .You are linking the objection abt Rajapaksee by local Malaysian Tamil with Tamil Nadu politics plus Palestine and the whole world issue .Maybe you are the one in cloud nine by writing subtly this article which reflects your hatred against tamils in general.

    1. You have conveniently, with all intents and purposes omitted my heartfelt pity for Tamils in SL and humanity in the world and you are no better than an armchair critic yourself. See, I have not included details that are inapplicable. And,it will digress if I bring China in and elaboration of Sonia Gandhi's sabotage is just right. I didn't want to convolute things because a layman would not be able understand what am I trying to put across.

      You allege me wildly, calling me anti Tamil, claiming that I hate Tamils in general. I suggest you to peruse what I have written again. I only mentioned Tamils in Sri Lanka; other than that, I have mentioned about only Malaysians of Indian ethnicity and India as a whole. I am linking SL distress with other crimes against humanity world wide because I consider myself as a citizen of the world.

      Here, in Malaysia, the crisis in Gaza takes center stage in the mass media and, the crisis in SL gets next to nothing in terms of attention what more focus and I wrote this to deliver my vantage points and it is lucid as it gets. We have Tamilians chopping up another Tamilan up at home, so many unresolved Malaysians of Indian ethnicity dilemma beleaguering us. We care about the plight of Tamilans in Sri Lanka but stopping Rajapakse from coming to Malaysia is not going to save Tamils in Sri Lanka. We should have let him come and have MIC or Hindraf question Rajapakse's brutal genocide and condemn and pressure him to stop the genocide in SL on our soil, us being an international Indian community. That would have an impact.

      You are simply accusing me of being anti Tamil over zero sound ground. It is your perception that reeks. I have no necessity to vindicate myself to you. My article is as blunt and forthright as it is. I have time and time again used the word 'us', 'we', Indians but you chose to read between the lines, make up your mind that I'm chiding Tamils and throw vitriol at me with the knowledge of me being a Telugu being yours. I can also rephrase that you are a Telugu hater and counter you in that angle but I will never ever stoop to your level of blindly making dumb conclusions.

      For your kind information, 2 of my sisters married Tamil men and my anni (sister in law) is a Tamil so if I hate Tamils, I should hate my family but that is not the case, so there.

    2. You are anti Tamil if everyone reads yr blog , you subtly hates Tamil and that is to core , you can even write badly abt yr family in previous article so what is there for you to do with yr sister's choice . Don't hide behind Indian term when you are exposed . Why ant to question him , Tamils are fighting to produce as war criminal in International Court and Malaysia abstain from voting against SL in UN resolution.What nonsense you are writing , you say abt SL then talking Tamilan chopping each other did u check ethnicity of all criminal in Malaysia is Tamil . This alone reflects how you look at tamils and prove you are Tamil haters

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    4. I really pity you. Your mindset and interpretation stinks. Don't hide in Indian term when I am exposed it seems. Go read my other blogs and peruse this blog before you talk and jump into conclusions.

      What I meant by writing we should worry is Tamilan chopping up another Tamilan here in the name of gangsterism. It is like anak di rumah dibiar kelaparan, kera di hutan disusukkan. We care about the violence in SL but we should have the same frame of mind when faced with other crimes against humanity.

      I never wrote badly about my family. I only denounced their blind faith and the histrionics they make to convince themselves that the Guru is a miracle maker.

      Yes, Malaysia abstained from voting against SL massacre. That is precisely why Mahinda Rajapakse should have been allowed into Malaysia. Shutting him out is not gonna save the Tamils in SL. Indians here must pressure him to stop the genocide and denigrate his atrocity. That way, it will go the extra mile.

      If you brand me as anti tamil, then I too can easily call you anti Telugu, by rephrasing. You obviously hate me to the core because of my ethnicity. Your comments reflect how much you hate Telugus and maybe even Malayalees and Punjabis. See, I too can manipulate.

      I think I know you and you cowardly hide behind anonymity . So craven of you. My blog is mostly read by Tamils belonging to the Malaysians of Indian ethnicity and also read by people around the world, overreaching to Egypt. No one has commented that I am anti Tamil, so it wrongs your first statement that whomever reads my blog, they will know that I subtly hate Tamil and that is to the core. You are a very lonely exception. I pity you to the core.

  4. Let the reader of the article , compare with this video and judge the quality of this article .

    1. You have an entrenched mindset that I am anti Tamil so no matter how much I holler that I am otherwise, the message won't tick for you. You go on thinking that I am anti Tamil. For me you are merely anjing menyalak bukit. Bukit tidak akan menerima sebarang kesan kerana nyalakan anjing. Enough said.