Is this love?

Falling in love is all beautiful, pure and ethereal and for some of our secondary school and college going girls and yuppies, their notion on love is narrowed as such.

While some girls couple up to empty his pocket or just for time pass, there are many girls banking on true and everlasting love and it is at this point where they lose the ability to use their damn brains.

I'm not saying that girls should stay away from love and only settle for arranged marriage. It is 2012, not 1912. I am only highlighting for girls to be wary and not be blinded by love to the extent of sending nude photos of themselves to their boyfriends and later sit and cry when the photos get misused by those kind of jerks who cannot control their dicks and don't deserve to live.

I know that this is an old issue; I have heard many horror stories. But, I am prompted to write this because a friend of mine was stupid enough to MMS herself nude to her boyfriend whom she has been dating only for about 6 months. This girl is very beautiful. I have never seen the guy but I am sure he looks like a kambi karat. (rusty iron wire)

He had been compelling her to send nude pictures of herself just into 6 months of the relationship. At first, she was aghast and vehemently refused to pander and then the scumbag uttered the ultimate dialogue a girl in love would definitely succumb to, "Nee yenneh unmaiya kaadhalikireh na, naan sonnathe sei. Unakku yen mele nambikei ille yah? Ivlo than ah nee en mele vecchi irukere piriyam? Ithe kude nee ennakaaga seiya maatiya? Manasale, nee than di en pondati. Naan ennikum unne kai vidamaten, promise di." (If you love me truly, do as I say. Don't you trust me?  You only love me this much? Won't you even do this for me? In my heart, I have fixed you as my wife dear. I promise I'll never leave you dear.) Classic case of menanam tebu di bibir and emotional coax bordering blackmail all done in the name of everlasting love.

Yes, my friend now has something everlasting but it is not love; it is fear, mental anguish and humiliation because the next thing that happened after she sent the man she loved her full glory, he just disappeared. He could not be contacted and she never heard from him again. Heavens know what he did to her photos and the girl is fearing the worst. While the guy is a 3rd rate criminal, this girl is an educated fool. I pass the buck to the girl. What she did for professing true love is plain stupidity and to think she has known him for 6 months and the amount of trust and love she had for him to pose nude  are far from lucid.

Take Amanda Todd's case for example. She trusted a stranger on Facebook who cajoled her to send him her topless photo and later he circulated it all over the Internet. The poor girl was also subjected to vitriolic bullying and harassment both in real life and on social networks until she ended her own life.

A guy who loves a girl sincerely and for all intents and purposes wants to make her his better half would never ask for her nude profile or sex at anytime of their period of dating. Girls must understand that first. Don't be so vulnerable and impressionable. Use your brain. THINK!! Learn to tell the difference between love and lust and a gentleman and a sex maniac. No point crying after you got screwed. What you lost will never come back.

Worse cases are where guys talk their girlfriends into sending their nude profiles to them only to threaten them for sexual favours in return for them not releasing their nudity on Internet porn sites. Many girls are suffering in silence. I say they deserve it for being anything but wise. On a sympathetical note inasmuch as what has been done cannot be undone these kinds of cases can be easily solved by the interference of law and order.

But, girls, please know and understand and stay away from such sick predators who are only interested of getting you laid down and then leave you in a lurch. Prevention is better than cure. Those sick bastards don't deserve to live what more love. The next minute your boyfriend asks you for your nude pictures take it as a Danger sign and activate your 'On full alert mode'. And if he coerces you, dump the bugger because he is only in love with your physique, not your character and convictions. Believe me, he is not worth it.

There are good guys out there who are cultured and upright so girls do an assessment to the guys who approach you. Besides looking out for the life sustaining 5 Cs, include another C for Character. Be choosy because it is your life which is up for stake. Love a guy who is deserving of your love. Nalla pasanggala paathu love panni, kalyanam panni allava petthukittu santhosham ah irungge pa. Ithu than yennode message-u. Lucha pasangge kitte maatikittu avasthei padathingge Nandri, vanakkam. (Select good guys, get hitched then get married and have just the right number of children and live happily. Don't get entrapted with good for nothing guys and suffer. This is my message. Thank you and greetings.)

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