A Justification of Religion

As the world revolves, religions evolved alongside, splitting and branching into a dizzying array of sects and denominations, dividing mankind and bringing disparity, prejudice and bitter enmity sprouting from religious dogma.

We, human beings must honestly ask ourselves whether religions have brought about more construction or destruction. It is a fundamental belief in all religions that God created everything and that He (Now, God has a gender and the celestial being is almost always male.) loves all of His creations unconditionally. In utter, stark paradox, God, who is claimed to be ever-loving, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient endorses killings and the cultivation of bone deep hatred of those who do not share and reciprocate with the particularly specified litany of religious pillars and teachings.

It is indeed glaring and frontal that religions have created great conflicts and chaos and there is always a secular intent present in such melees which gets connively weaved into divine tapestry to influence the minds of dupable humans, the rank and file who gets shoved into believing the atrocities they commit onto varying brethrens are noble and would please God immensely and that their seat in heaven is confirmed.

Factually, religions thus far only suceeded in creating destructive and senseless fanatism via drill-it-in propaganda and indoctrination. This bigotry then leads to the comparing, where a certain religious group would assert that their religion is superior than other religions, which in turn would develop into prejudice towards other holy institutions and devotees.

As the direct result, in the pursuit of so called sanctity, humans lose their identity as humans and "religiously" morph into sadistic, savage, abominable beasts who would go to any brutal, inimical lengths in the name of upholding their theology which has a bloody history, seemingly intended to be continued until there are no more people on Earth to espouse religion.

Religions exists for people; people don't exist for religion. Speaking the truth, everything is best done in moderation and religious practices stand first in line in this austere concept. The focus should be zoomed into greater good and goodwill for humanity, not this pathetic proclamation that one's own religion is the greatest. Basically, religions teach humans to live morally but mankind defiled them at their own selfish interests and personal abhorrence. It is at this point where everything gets off track and even irrevocable.

We tell our children not to hurt each other, we tell them to share, to be kind and generous, to be thankful, to be honest and ethical and act with conscience and that all will be well. How many of us can vow that we practice what we preach into our children as we live our lives? And, can we guarantee all will be well if we keep on getting into scrimmages with each other over religious contradictions? What kind of legacy would we leave behind for our children? Will the future be encompassingly peaceful and clement or racked with wars and carnage? These are the questions worth asking and answered for the future is now. We don't have the privilege to wait.

In the name of peaceful religion, heinous crimes are being carried out, supposedly at the injunctions from the Almighty and God increasingly looks like the Devil to me. In the words of French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious convictions."

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  1. "The focus should be zoomed into greater good and goodwill for humanity, not this pathetic proclamation that one's own religion is the greatest." - wisely said.. write on!