The Trouble with Malaysian Indians

As much as I hate race discrimnation, I have to be exclusive here to illustrate why Indians are failing in the Malaysian society. I am not going to sugar coat facts. Instead, I'll deliver truths as naked as they are and that all is not well.

Ignorance, the lack of drive, bad prioritising and apathy take precedence in this issue I am highlighting. This, as a package is the self-inflicted plague that besets the Indian community here.

Many Indian parents don't give much importance to see their children through varsity, being blind to the fact that a solid education would secure their children's future and make them hot commodity for employment both locally and internationally.

The average Indian household' clime here is devoid of acute attention for education. While some parents entrust their children to tuition classes, a substantial number of them just don't care whether their children is going to school properly or playing truant at their whim and fancy. Some don't even know the name and the location of the school their children attend what more the subjects they are studying, their teachers and circle of friends.

Many stay home as well as working mothers, spend their evenings watching Tamil serials while fathers get self-indulgent with alcoholism while expecting their innocent and impressionable children to study, blissfully ignorant that they are setting all the wrong examples.

In due course, after being imbibed by the rotten exemplary their parents display, these children would begin not to take their studies seriously. Since their parents show not even an infinitesemal concern on their studies, the perception that "Why should I study when no one cares my education seriously?" would take deep root in their plastic minds and all will go downhill from there.

Waywardness, ruthlessness and anarchy would then breed freely and rowdism and crime would become the order of the day for these hot-blooded kids who would take the vices to adulthood. Is it any wonder that prison inmates here brim of Indian male youths, their prime and potential wasting away?

Gangsterism is another burden that is weighin Malaysian Indians down

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