Religious leeches

I never had an affinity with religion. What I observed is, religiosity induces the smoke and mirror effect which dulls critical thinking and hypothetical observation.

I am in the midst of reading Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings by David G Mcafee which only fuel my philosophical, intellectual, cogent and spiritual thought process of not wanting anything to do with religion and religious men.

What I found religious men that have followers in this age to be are nothing but parasitic creatures feeding on live flesh aka hard earned money of their followers. In this blog I've mentioned a certain holy man in India that my family holds as their spiritual leader or sarguru. 

That old man passed away last year but my family remains devoted to him and his representative in Malaysia, known by my family as 'guru'.

This guru is a distant relative of ours and I want to write on how he literally sucks the blood out of my brother's benevolence and devotion as well as using my brother fully to his advantage and my brother being totally blind to it. 

Every time there's a festival at temples far away from home, the guru would ask my brother to chauffeur him to the venues and my brother would most obediently oblige. Even yesterday, the damned holy man had asked my brother to drive him to Teluk Intan and my brother took half day leave from work and drove the bloody leech to Teluk Intan and he only returned home past midnight.

I am sorry but I have lost all my respect for this so called spiritual leader who is no different than RPT. That man has sons and sons-in-law but he only calls my brother to take him to places. My dumb brother thinks it's a privilege and waits the man hand and foot and suits his every whim and fancy, failing to see that the guru is fully taking advantage of his trust and devotion.

It seems the guru would offer petrol money to my brother but my brother, who is perhaps the descendant of Karna would refuse and instead of insisting, the guru would chuck the money back into his pocket as observed by my brother's wife who's also pissed off at both the guru and my easily bamboozled brother.

Also, every time when it is the guru's turn to sponsor the food for the fortnightly meditation meetings, which he orders from my brother, the guru would take money out to pay for the food and my brother would decline and the guru shamelessly would tuck the due payment back into his wallet. Also, the guru would pack up the leftovers and take them to his home at the expense of my brother. 

We do not hail from a wealthy family - what we have today is the result of hard work. My brother is a family man. He has a son who'll start schooling next year and he's enrolled in Montessori and Kumon for a headstart. He has mortgage to pay and with GST enforced this April, his financial status is certainly going downhill. That man leaves for work at 6.30 am and only returns after it's dark, sometimes at 11 pm. If he returns any earlier, his son would say, "Daddy, you came home before it's dark today! Is something wrong?" See how the kid is unused to seeing his father coming home early from work. He works on weekends too. The guru knows all that and he's still being such a leech. If I was Anniyan, I would have subjected the guru to kirimi bojinam.

Last year July, my family and I went to see my cousin sister get married. The guru's family was invited as well. It is the golden rule of this religious cult to observe vegetarianism on full moon and dead moon days and the wedding fell on a dead moon day. While my brother, sister-in-law and sister had vegetarian meals, I saw the guru and his family whacking chicken and mutton like nobody's business. They then left so much rice, meat and vegetables uneaten. But, I can't state this hypocrisy and logic at my brother because his mind is so enforced with belief, he will be unable to see logic and reason hence me ranting here.

I never understood why God or religious men professing religion that is said to be descended by god need money. Money is man made so why would god ask money to show Himself to his worshipers when money is something created by his worshipers? Why would a celestial entity need a corporeal entity in order to function? Who is the real god here? Yes, the real god here is money. God nowadays is not Allah, Jesus or Lord Vishnu, it's kaasu, panam, dhuttu, money, money. And a man of conscience would never ask money from others in the name of god. These religious men are voracious, rapacious leeches who suck blood out of dead bodies. They are scavenging vultures on the lookout for carrion, that is, gullible, genuine and hardworking people like my brother.

I'd like to add one more thing to Mr Spock's brilliant observation. If god needs a human invention, that is, money to function and survive than surely that god is one big fat lie because he's dependent on his worshipers and if his worshipers cease from worshiping him, he'll cease to exist. 

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