Of beauty pageants and the definition of beauty

I was watching a recent beauty pageant and it struck me how the clarification of beauty is defined, the yardstick of what's alluring and what is not, And, it just seemed not right.

The classifications of statistics of 'figure' which is perfect and desirable are liberally incorporated when beauty pageants were founded and then commercialized. And then, the girls are being 'objectified' rather than 'identified'.

Beauty pageants have this particular, narrow category of what 'beauty' is. Certain statistics are considered pulchritude, others, unsightly or even grotesque.

Beauty pageants never acknowledge women's individuality and they never represent women everywhere like the contestants so often claim, that they want to empower women everywhere.

Ok, one may argue that it is not everything about external appearance; it's about some brain muscle too. But, can a brainy plus sized women win a beauty pageant? Forget winning, can she even be allowed to enter a beauty pageant? Of course not because she is considered ineligible for not having a certain 'figure'. Women come in all shapes and sizes and to say that certain shape is beautiful and others are not is downright demoralizing and unfair.

You may say that in the same way, oversized men can't win Mr Universe; they gotta do what it takes; hit the gym and build those rippling muscles. But Mr World is rather underplayed compared to beauty pageants for women; I'm talking about which is more prevalent and publicized more.

As for actors and actresses, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and mesmerize audience with their talent rather than their appearance.

This epidemic of beauty pageants exists to satiate vouyeristic males. It is men's way of saying they rule over women You might say that there is a question session where the contestants' intellect is put to the test but it is only for about 5 minutes and less, the rest of the pageant's session consists of showing skin.

I am not against girls flaunting their assets but they should be comfortable with their body no matter if their size is zero or XXL. But what is the message beauty pageants convey to ordinary girls out there? That fat is bad news and girls who are on the heavier side are rated not beauty queen material.

At a time where women stand shoulder to shoulder with men, it's a shame that women are still viewed as objects of sexual gratification rather than she being seen as the person beyond her body and gender. Her capability, capacity, potential and dynamism as an opposite number and a team player to men should be acknowledged first and foremost because that is what stays and makes a lasting impression.

I know that beauty pageants won't stop churning out so called 'perfecto ladies' at my rant. Just getting an issue off my chest here.


  1. not only oversized, shorter ones(like) are also not allowed to participate...

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  3. "This epidemic of beauty pageants exists to satiate vouyeristic males. It is men's way of saying they rule over women"

    Jesus. I applaud your discriminatory misguided feminist inspired conspiracy theory. Yes, men are evil. Do you wear a tin foil hat too?