RPT, yenggeyum, yeppothum. RPT, everywhere, everytime.

Summa kidanthe sanggeh oothitingge.. ippo sanggu pese pothu.. Literal English translation - They blew the silent conch (me), now the conch shall speak.

Yes, I am talking regarding RPT and their fanaticism so much so the devotee of the certain Hindu cult guru who are so consumed with siege mentality, they are pulling Indian bloggers into their fray; putting up their photos, personal details, Facebook profile, phone number and blog links and I was their latest target.

I know that tens of thousands of Indians were bamboozled by this RPT cult and that he is living the life of a king while his disciples live in acute needy conditions. I am also aware of many Facebook pages that either support, defend, ridicule or oppose this master cult - online wars are being waged online as I write. I never commented nor liked and neither associated with any of this divided groups simply because I think of it as a blatant waste of time. I know everything and I kept all of that to myself - I only commented once on the RPT Against Haters Facebook page that if we work honestly, we'd be better off and that bickering like this takes us nowhere. I practice what I preach. To those who say I'm contradicting with my own claims above, bitch appeared in my Facebook news feed and my hands got so itchy, I commented, being true to my trait of being an opinionated woman.

So, there I was, minding my own business until KABOOM, an article I wrote on a different website got highlighted in the RPT Against Haters Facebook page. I am not the only one who writes in the website; we are a team and we cover a myriad of issues.

Here are the exact words of the admin of the page:

This girl is an atheist girl,who is spreading wrong things about our Guruji.If you are atheist,mind your own business.You wrote about Sivan running with Parvathy in your blog,you dont have rights to talk about our beloved Guruji.

The article I wrote was about not wasting food and to drive the point home, I used an analogy pertaining a nightly ritual my mom does which is linked to the Hindu goddess of prosperity. I wrote it in a satirical tack. It is an actual incident which took place between my mom and me. And, I was talking about Mahalakshmi and her consort, Lord Vishnu and the admin of the page said that I wrote about Sivan running with Parvathy and how they linked Lord Shiva and his consort to me talking about their guruji leaves me dumbstruck to the infinity and beyond. Cannot even get the referring right even though it is smack in front of their eyes and they are talking about atheism. Now, I don't wonder anymore on how they fall hook, line and sinker for the booby traps their guruji lays for them except for the guruji's stooges who get their share of commission in this lucrative business of cheating hapless people out of their money. There are newspapers and online medias blowing the whistle for this particular infamous guruji I did not see the reason for me to jump on the bandwagon. But, since I got maliciously pulled into this mad circus, I too shall state my vantage points. Naa yaaru vambukum pogha maaten, vantha vambe vidamaten. (I don't poke my nose into the business of others, if anyone poke their nose into my business, I give chili powder treatment to their nosy noses.)

Okay, fine, Guruji is God but why does God need money? Why this RM 730 to see God and have him help solve all your problems? Foremost, money is a man made entity so why God is so obsessed with money? I am referring to RPT here. Money and business are corporeal; they ain't celestial. If a celestial entity need a corporeal entity to function then the celestial entity is a dope; it is the simplest of logic. My family follows a certain Sarguru and that godman is far more convincing than RPT. He roams the bushes of rural India, owns nothing and eats by biksha, that is, begging for alms. He has no belongings whatsoever and walks barefooted. We have a lifesize picture of him in our home and all he tells his devotees to do is meditate and do good onto others. He never asks a single penny. I am not saying that this godman is the definite god on earth; I'm merely comparing the SOP. I have great respect for the gurus of yesteryears - their motive was service, not money. I can't say the same about these new age so called gurus.

Philosoraptor - did god create religion or did religion create god

And, then, in the comment box, a dude said atheism is just not right. Assuming that he is alluding me, let me ask, how many atheists are cheating like RPT in order to amass obscene wealth? Hinduism accepts atheism because rather than religion, Hinduism is a way of life. Athe teriyuma? (Do you know that?) Buddha was an atheist. Inthe ulagathe theism ku kutthagai ka yeduthingge? (Did anyone fence this world for theism only?) Being an atheist means being independent. I take matters into my own hands - I don't hope and ask anything from god or anyone else for that matter. I rely on myself and it's extremely liberating. I don't have anything personal against god simply because I don't believe that God exists. I find being an atheist awesome. If one is free to practice religion than one is free to be irreligious too and be open about it. I don't know about other atheists but I give theists their space but I cannot say the same otherwise and the perfect example is this insecure, paranoid RPT. Yethekeh inthe poleppe? (Why this pathetic existence?) Do any atheist barge into temples and tell supplicants to stop worshiping? Who destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha statues? Who is demolishing the Hindu temples and surau here? Who is encroaching into Tibet and persecuting Tibetans? Who is killing the Rohingya Muslims? Atheists? And, some people speak as though atheists are the scrounge of the world. Hell yeah, several articles about atheism and few posts on Facebook would decimate all the good on earth. Sure. Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Christopher Hitchens and George Carlin destroyed the world. And, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence M Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, Kamal Hassan and Paul McCartney are extending further damage.

A short story to ponder on:

There was a king in Mahabarata named Vasu Devan. His father named him Vasu Devan and believed that his son is the Lord Vishnu's 8th avatar, Paranthaman Sri Krishna. In his growing up years Vasu Deva was dressed like Sri Krishna, complete with peacock feathered crown and flute. Vasu Devan believed that he is indeed Lord Krishna and people would play along with him in order to get gifts from him. Once, at play, he ate some soil and his playmates asked him to open his mouth. Like the Naked Emperor story, his playmates proclaimed that they could see the universe. The parents of Vasu Devan were delighted and gifted their son's playmates richly. But, Vasu Devan's mask could not defy the test of time; eventually he was exposed and just like this, the truth shall expose all shenanigans. Pune puli aaghe mudiyuma? (Can a cat become a tiger?)


  1. Should post it on their page.

  2. Apdiye thirunthuruvanungge

  3. Ever heard the quote by P.T Barnum that "There's sucker is born every minute?" He is merely an astute businessman who exercises his skill set against a largely 'untelligent' crowd. Sadly, that makes the majority of the Indian community. But you gotta hand it to the guy, it's impressive that he has created an entire following of mindless minions to do his bidding. Especially with such unwavering loyalty and fanaticism. It takes a very charismatic leader to do so. Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, though utterly despised, you have to applaud their ability to sway the feeble minds of the masses by their rhetoric.

    The fact is Indians in this country are a joke. They can be bought, coerced and manipulated with such ease, that makes you wonder if they are infact invertebrates. Bunch of ball bearers. Do I pity them? Heck no. That's the reason we are 3rd class citizens in this country. A bloody mockery and an embarrassment.

  4. Good article. Gave me a good laugh. :)