Valentine's Day

Many couples (especially immature ones) would break up or get their relationship strained on Valentine's Day because their significant other (most usually guys) did not get the other half 'the perfect gift' or 'a better gift' than others.
If you break up or sulk just because Valentine's Day gift did not meet your expectations then why bother to be in a romantic relationship in the first place? If you are gonna let one day of loving gestures to define your whole relationship than the relationship had failed when it begun.
To those who are single, instead of posting sad statuses on your Facebook on Valentine's Day that you don't have a partner to celebrate Valentine's Day, you can start by loving yourself extra first. Make Valentine's Day a jumpstart - watch what you eat, join a gym, make yourself look good, join yoga class, mingle with new people and eventually, you will find love.
Don't find love just because you don't have someone to celebrate Valentine's Day - that's not love, that's following a flock which won't last long.
Celebrating Valentine's Day with your lover is not a big deal. Sticking to the same lover through thick and thin, through misunderstandings and hurdles and being there for each other until you two celebrate Valentine's Day together the next year and the coming years is a big deal. That is LOVE, not one day show of extreme affection and then cheat on each other, suspect, and be like cat and dog for the rest of the year.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone heart emoticon heart emoticon

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